Late-night hosts thoroughly enjoy Roy Moore's Senate race upset

Late-night hosts were able to enjoy quite a few postelection jokes at Roy Moore‘s expense. The Republican senatorial candidate from Alabama who lost in an upset to Democrat Doug Jones was commemorated in a cowboy song by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “Gather round folks, you’ll hear a song, a song of a candidate man. A man who rode across the land, touching teens with his hands.”

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host brought comedian Yamaneika Saunders on to discuss how Doug Jones earned 98 percent of female African-American votes. She joined him hunched over and gripping her back. “Oh, no, your back hurts?” Fallon asked. “Yeah, every black woman’s back is hurting from carrying the election last night!” she said.

Sam Bee speculated on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee that maybe the real reason for Moore’s loss was because of a sassy horse. With newscasters commenting on what a terrible and cruel horseback rider he was after his hilarious ride to the polls, Bee said, “You can be a racist, sexist homophobe and white lady voters might overlook it. But do not hurt a horse named Sassy!”

But Conan O’Brien, on the other hand, had a different explanation for the upset and it wasn’t hard to read between the lines. He said, “Experts say Roy Moore lost the election due to write-in candidates. Due to write-in candidates. Moore was furious and said, ‘Once again, I am done in by my old enemy, literacy.'”

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