The Last of Us PC Had More Concurrent Players Than Days Gone Despite Issues

The Last of Us PC data revealed
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In a rare occurrence for Naughty Dog, the studio somehow botched The Last of Us Part 1‘s PC launch, making it one of its worst-reviewed titles. But despite its flaws, the game didn’t do too bad at launch, if the number of concurrent players is anything to go by.

The Last of Us PC saw Sony’s fourth highest concurrent players on Steam

As spotted by folks over at PushSquare, as of March 31, The Last of Us Part 1’s PC port attracted the fourth highest number of concurrent players on Steam for a Sony first-party game.

With 36,496 concurrent players, The Last of Us managed to beat Days Gone’s numbers (27,450). The Naughty Dog hit sits below Horizon Zero Dawn, whose highest concurrent count is 56,557.

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann has tweeted a peculiar poster for HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2, and it teases something fans will instantly recognize if they’ve played The Last of Us Part II.

Spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk.

The controversial scene behind HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2 tease

The full image can be viewed below:

No TLoU on HBO tonight. But Season 2 is already on its way! Endure & survive!

— Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) March 19, 2023

This poster was originally shared for Outbreak Day back in 2017 but players will know exactly what Druckmann did here.

Yes, he’s hinting at Abby‘s appearance. And now there’s a chance the next season will show her brutally clubbing Joel to death in front of a distressed Ellie.

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In a recent interview, Druckmann and co-producer Craig Mazin confirmed that the second season will not be enough to cover the entirety of The Last of Us Part 2 and it will deviate from the video game a bit. As a result, many wondered if Joel’s death will make it into the next season or not, especially since the game shifts timelines. If Abby does turn up in Season 2 as teased, Joel might not hang around until the third season.

As for when the next season will air, Ellie actress Bella Ramsey reckons that we’ll be waiting until late 2024 or early 2025. Filming is expected to begin later this year.

Here’s how Sony-published games rank overall in terms of concurrent players:

  1. God of War — 73,529

  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered — 66,436

  3. Horizon Zero Dawn — 56,557

  4. The Last of Us: Part I — 36,496

  5. Days Gone — 27,450

  6. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales — 13,539

  7. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection — 10,851

  8. Returnal — 6,691

  9. Sackboy: A Big Adventure — 610

We imagine this number would have been much higher had the The Last of Us not launched in an abysmal state. It’s not too late to make amends, however. Naughty Dog is working hard to fix things, and has already rolled out two patches.

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