The Last Match Nominated For 16 BroadwayWorld Awards

The Last Match Nominated For 16 BroadwayWorld Awards
The Last Match Nominated For 16 BroadwayWorld Awards
the last match matt cardona
the last match matt cardona

The Last Match is up for some big awards in the Broadway world.

The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Musical landed 16 total nominations in this year’s BroadwayWorld New Jersey Regional Awards in 11 different categories.

The Last Match launched earlier this Fall with multiple performances at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey. The show is headlined by Broadway megastar Ramin Karimloo, Amber Ardolino and pro-wrestling Superstar Matt Cardona. The full list of nominees and categories are below:

  • New Musical – The Last Match

  • Best Musical – The Last Match

  • Best Ensemble Performance – The Last Match

  • Best Choreography of a Play or Musical – Afa Anoai & Bull James

  • Best Costume Design of a Play or Musical – Marisa Miranda

  • Best Direction of a Musical – Jeremiah James

  • Best Lighting Design of a Play or Musical – Cam File Pas

  • Best Music Direction & Orchestra Performance – Nick Wilders

  • Best Performer in a Musical – Ramin Karimloo / Amber Ardolino / Matt Cardona

  • Best Supporting Performer in a Musical – Liz McCartney / Ryan Huggybruh Thurman/ Jason Simon / James Michael Reilly

  • Best Sound Deign of a Play or Musical – Rubin Nizri

Voting is open now on the BroadwayWorld website. For more info on The Last Match, visit:

About The Last Match: 

BEN VENGEANCE has been professional wrestling’s biggest star for years, and tonight is his last match. With the weight of his legacy, the future of the organization, and the prospects of a peaceful retirement with his wife Jenny (a wrestling star in her own right) all on his shoulders, the evening promises to be anything but a quiet ride into the sunset.

​THE LAST MATCH, just like the world of pro-wrestling, is chock full of colorful, bombastic entertainment mixing theater, rock, and live wrestling. This isn’t your grandma’s musical – unless your grandma is a total bad ass.

WrestleZone spoke with director/producer Jeremiah James about The Last Match and what the show hopes to accomplish in the pro-wrestling and Broadway worlds.

“Our hope is to take the show on the road and take it around the United States and then take it internationally. Again, the easiest way to think about this show is if you’ve ever been to Smackdown, if you’ve ever been to RAW, if you’ve ever been to AEW Dark or any of their regular TV shows, a TV taping, it is literally a wrestling event. It just so happens that this wrestling event tells the story of this one evening completely encompassed in our version of like a Bash at the Beach or a WrestleMania, like the biggest night of the year type of a thing. Leading up to this one character’s last match and everything, he goes through to that moment.

“So it is literally–when we say Broadway, it’s easy to describe that for theater people who are like ‘so it is a theater show.’ Yes, it’s a theater show. It is being told a story is being told. It has a script, but it’s actually never going to be done in a Broadway setting. It will only ever be done in medium to large arenas, and it will be a wrestling event with closed-circuit cameras. Everything that you know as a wrestling fan is built in, including all the actors, have to learn pro wrestling to a certain degree. And we have real pro wrestlers come in to do actual matches throughout the show. So it is a real pro wrestling event that happens to tell the story.”

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