‘Last Man Standing': Mike and Vanessa Think Sarah Is Becoming Eve – or Hannibal Lecter (Exclusive Video)

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She’s also “just like the worm in the movie ‘Tremors'”

“Last Man Standing” is heading into its last few episodes, and Mike and Vanessa Baxter are starting to get nostalgic — even for some less than pleasant memories.

In TheWrap’s exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of the ninth and final season of the Fox sitcom, which you can view above, Mike (Tim Allen) comes to kiss Vanessa (Nancy Travis) on his way to work and finds her preparing for their young granddaughter, Sarah, to come over for the day.

“Yeah, she’ll be here any minute. I get to spend the day with our little Sarah Sweetie Squiggly Squirmy Worm,” Vanessa says lovingly.

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing

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“Yeah, just like the worm in the movie ‘Tremors,'” Mike jokes.

Vanessa concedes that Sarah has been getting a little “frisky” lately. “Yeah, a ‘little’ frisky,” Mike says, adding that “she put all the ceramic mugs in the dryer and turned the dryer on.”

OK, so maybe she’s gotten more… “Revved up? Crazy? Hannibal Lecter-like?” Mike suggests. Vanessa was going to say “spirited.”

But then they land on exactly who Sarah is becoming: a young version of their youngest daughter, Eve (Kaitlyn Dever).

“A little bit, right? Remember when Eve was that age, she didn’t like that tree out front we’d just planted? We both loved that little tree, she didn’t like that tree,” Mike recalls.

Masked Singer Rita Wilson
Masked Singer Rita Wilson

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Vanessa says Mike might be right, so that means she needs to set more boundaries with Sarah, as Eve spent half her childhood in timeout and the other half trying to get into timeout.

Oh, and you’re wondering what happened to that tree? Eve cut it down with a buoy knife.

“God, I miss that kid,” Mike says.

Here’s the description for tonight’s episode of “Last Man Standing,” which is directed by cast member Jordan Masterson: “After her granddaughter starts misbehaving, Vanessa gives Mandy a valuable parenting lesson. Meanwhile, Mike is challenged to find a meaningful gift for his business anniversary with Ed.”

“Last Man Standing” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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