‘Last Man on Earth’ Invades Cher’s House

Last Man on Earth continued its string of celebrity cameos, sort of. The previous week’s episode featured an appearance by Jon Hamm, who was instantly killed off. This week, Cher made a cameo but was already dead.

The gang was looking for shelter in Malibu and broke into the first house they could find. Soon Gail was face-to-face with multiple award statuettes and exclaimed, “I think we might be in Cher’s house.”

Not sure, Erica responded, “I don’t know. It could be a fan or a drag queen.”

When they walked into Cher’s bedroom, they found out it was indeed Cher. Carol said, looking at Cher’s corpse, “She still looks radiant.”

The group wasted no time making themselves at home. Melissa passed the time by breaking Cher’s vases with Cher’s bocce ball set. Carol even wore one of Cher’s costumes.

It was not clear whether the survivors will stay in the pop icon’s house, but we can be sure they wish they could turn back time to meet Cher before the apocalypse.

Last Man on Earth airs Sundays nights at 9:30 p.m. on Fox. Watch clips and full episodes of Last Man on Earth for free on Yahoo View.

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