Last Look: Chilli and Matthew Lawrence on Couples' Style, '90s Outfit Nostalgia and Mall Trips Together

Plus, find out the outfit that makes Chilli want to "bite" her man!

<p>John Parra/Getty</p>

John Parra/Getty

When Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and Matthew Lawrence went Instagram official with their romance in 2022, they were lip-syncing to A-ha's "Take on Me" as they danced around in matching holiday onesies.

Turns out, the couple is just as playful and cute IRL. We know — we talked to them!

People StyleWatch chatted with Chilli, 53, and Matthew, 44, to get the scoop on their forever cool style, and they weren't shy about, well, anything.

The longtime stars both had their big breaks in the early 1990s — Chilli, of course, as part of Grammy-winning R&B/hip-hop trio TLC alongside Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Mathew was also part of his own famous trio, the Lawrence brothers, including his older brother Joey Lawrence and younger brother Andrew Lawrence.

Below, find out whose '90s style is more iconic — plus, the outfit that makes Chilli want to "bite" her man.

<p>John Parra/Getty </p> Matthew Lawrence and Chilli on Valentine's Day in Jamaica

John Parra/Getty

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli on Valentine's Day in Jamaica

Who is the better dresser?

Matthew: Definitely Chilli. She just always looks good no matter what she's wearing. It always works.
: Thank you. It's funny because now I know how to shop for him too. I had to really just pay attention. We're so similar. We don't like to overdo it. I mean, we definitely know how to overdo it when it makes sense for an event, but our main style is just super casual and cute.

Whose style changed more since you started dating?

Matthew: I don't think it's necessarily changed. We like similar things. 
: For example, [we both] got each other a gift card gift to Zara because we both really like Zara. It's so good. They have some really, really good stuff right now. And so we're definitely going to look through that and do some online shopping together.

Who takes longer to get ready?

Chilli: Lord. I do. I do. I do! He's so sweet, he'll just patiently wait and I'm trying to hurry up. So yeah, I do take the longest — I have hair! And you know how it is. Girls just kind of normally take longer than the guys.

<p>Randy Shropshire/Getty</p> Matthew Lawrence and Chilli at an event

Randy Shropshire/Getty

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli at an event

What are your clothing obsessions right now?

Matthew: Oh, boy. I love hats. I love really cool sweats. I have to have that in my repertoire. They're not too baggy. They look cool. They're really comfy. And you can kind of wear them for any sort of occasion. And a good pair of sneakers. I’m pretty chill that way.
: In the summertime a must-have are my Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. I don't care what I have on, my outfit could be from Target, but those sandals go ahead and complete the outfit because it's jewelry on your feet. And that's just my favorite brand, my favorite brand of all time when it comes to sandals. They are fabulous. And in the winter, I would have to say too, a really good jogging suit. My favorite jogging suit that I got this past winter was from Vans. Once I find something that fits me good and I really like it, I go crazy and I'll just buy it all up.

What's the oldest thing in each of your closets?

Matthew: I have a pair of motorcycle boots that are probably 23 or so years old. I still wear them. They're like the coolest beat-up boots. And they've lasted. I've only had them re-soled maybe once or twice. They're awesome.
: I'm not trying to be like Matthew, but I have these boots that have the little round buckle on the side. I think I got them in the '90s for sure, so they are super old. I have a black pair, brown and a mustard color, and those are definitely the oldest things I have in my closet. And they're timeless. I try my best not to buy things that are trendy. I like to buy things that will last the test of time.

<p>John Parra/Getty</p> Matthew Lawrence and Chilli on vacation

John Parra/Getty

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli on vacation

What would you most like to get rid of in the other's closet?

Chilli: Matthew did a [closet] purge. He really needs to shop. So maybe we can come back to this [question] in a year.
: I really can't think of anything. 
We’re still building the wardrobe. And me too, I did a purge as well. I need to go shopping myself.

Who has the bigger closet?

Chilli: Oh, I do.

Whose closet is more organized?

Chilli: Oh, Matthew’s. I need help. I do. And it's funny because I am definitely an organized person, but when you're packing, and then you need the jewelry ... you have to get everything out.

What is your favorite thing that the other has given you for a gift?

Chilli: Well, mine is easy. It is a letter. I have two actually, but they're my favorite. In fact, I love it so much that it is framed next to my bed where it will stay forever. It'll stay framed for our whole lives.
: Oh, geez. I was just going to go with how you showed up this last time with the most incredible suits. I don't really have any suits. So the last time Chilli visited me just recently, she just showed up with these amazing suits that fit as if they were made for me.
: Well, you know what, if it has to be a clothing item, it's a North Face jacket that he got me, but it's kind of furry, so it looks kind of glam. It's my favorite jacket right now.

<p>Matthew Lawrence/Instagram</p> Matthew Lawrence and Chilli dancing together

Matthew Lawrence/Instagram

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli dancing together

When was the last time you complimented the other on their outfit?

Chilli: Matthew is beautiful from head to toe to me, but I [especially] love his clean face. So when he sheds that beard he's growing out and [wears] this jacket that he has, it looks like a vintage motorcycle jacket ... It was his whole get up. It looked so good. I just wanted to bite him.
: I mean, honestly, I don't think Chilli can beat just how good she looks when she wakes up in the morning. But there was one time recently where you were, I mean, it's really every day, but you were getting ready recently. We were going to go for an old-school walk around the mall, and you got ready and you walked out and you just looked so pretty. That was literally three or four days ago,
: And it's funny, we went to the mall. I was so excited because I hadn't gone to [the mall in a long time]. Back in the day, I used to go to the Beverly Center every single solitary time we flew to L.A. So we were in town, and I hadn't been to that mall in forever, and we went there. And the one thing, the only thing that was disappointing to us, and I think too because we were so hungry, was the fact that they don't have a food court anymore!

<p>The Real Chilli/ Instagram</p> Matthew Lawrence and Chilli together

The Real Chilli/ Instagram

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli together

What's the last thing you purchased for your own wardrobe that you're excited about?

Chilli: I got these really cute cargo pants. I'm usually not an online shopper. When I buy pants, even pajamas, I have to take them and get them altered because I'm a little shorty. But I got these pants and bam, they were perfect. I am so excited about these cargo pants from Macy’s. And you know how Macy's always, you buy one thing, you get a slew of emails and they entice you. And they got me, they threw out the bait and it was like 30% to 60% off. I was like, what? So I just went on there and I just went shopping, but I was most excited about those cargo pants.
: For me, I do occasionally do some online shopping, and I got myself a Bitcoin hat. It's just a black hat with a Bitcoin sign on the front. That was the last thing I got for myself.

<p>SGranitz/WireImage; Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty</p> Chilli (with TLC bandmates) and Matthew Lawrence in the '90s

SGranitz/WireImage; Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty

Chilli (with TLC bandmates) and Matthew Lawrence in the '90s

Who had — and keep it real — the more iconic '90s style?

Matthew: Oh, there's no contest there. I mean, it's well known around the world. That one, I'm not competing with that one.
: You never had a condom attached to your clothing, Matthew? Ever? [Editor's note: TLC often pinned condoms on their clothes to encourage fans to talk openly about safe sex during the AIDS epidemic.]
: No. No. Never had any of those things happen.

<p>Matthew Lawrence/Instagram</p>

Matthew Lawrence/Instagram

Do you have any red carpet regrets?

Matthew: For me, because I grew up on those carpets, and so a lot of those pictures are like when you're an awkward teenager and stuff, and they're like, the pictures you wish your family would never show anybody, but yet they're online for everybody to see. So a lot of those moments, I'm always like, 'Oh man, I was such an awkward teenager!'
: I would argue that you never went through any awkward anything. Matthew, I'm sorry.Nope. You have been beautiful your entire life.
: I totally disagree.
: Well, that's fine. You can be all humble, but I'll pump you up. You have always been gorgeous to me! For me, I never liked to do red carpet. I'm one of those artists that's just like, 'Do we have to?' I hate all the, 'Look over here and over here.' It drives me nuts. But I always try to make sure, even looking back that it is, especially whatever year it would've been or whatever, I'll never step out in something that I hate. Because in my group, I know our image is as big as our sound, so we really, really, really make sure that it is TLC-approved before we go out there.

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