'The Last Jedi' stars reveal their most prized 'Star Wars' possessions

Lucasfilm is notorious for carefully tracking all its Star Wars film props, preserving them, protecting them, and keeping them carefully catalogued for posterity in the studio’s famous archives. That is unless you’re one of the big stars of The Last Jedi, who apparently got to keep the occasional souvenir from the set.

Writer-director — and noted porg proponentRian Johnson got to keep an actual porg puppet used in the film. “They gave it to me mounted with the wires going in so I can control the face with a joystick,” Johnson told Yahoo Entertainment (watch above). “It’s pretty amazing.”

Oscar Isaac, meanwhile, took home Poe Dameron’s blaster. (Laura Dern, meanwhile, says her favorite Star Wars possession is Oscar Isaac.)

Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran were mum on what was bequeathed to them from the latest Star Wars adventure, though Ridley did say how much she enjoys the Chewbacca doll given to her by Joonas Suotamo, who has taken over Chewie duties from the character’s originator, Peter Mayhew. “It lives in my living room, and it’s my most prized possession because it is really wonderful,” Ridley said.

Hardcore fan John Boyega‘s favorite belonging is not a prop but a Han Solo action figure he had signed by Harrison Ford.

Mark Hamill savors some of the memorabilia he kept from the 1977 original installment, A New Hope, namely the stormtrooper helmet worn by Luke Skywalker when he rescued Princess Leia, as well as Luke’s old knee-high boots. “But they’re not at my house, potential burglars,” he stressed. “They’re in a vault somewhere in the Valley.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens Dec. 15.

Watch the cast debate the virtues of porgs:

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