Lasagna cake' sends Facebook group into frenzy

A picture of a lasagna cake was submitted anonymously to the Facebook group, Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips. the cook lined a bowl with soft pasta sheets and started with the first layer, salami and cheese. Next came more soft pasta sheets and four more layers:. spinach and riccotta; mushrooms and olives; ham, cheese, basil and garlic; raw chicken mince and half a jar of tomato sauce. The cake was then topped with more soft pasta and “glued together” with cheese sauce before being put in the slow cooker. After letting it cool for 15 minutes, the lasagna cake was served with more leftover cheese sauce drizzled on top and with a side salad and garlic bread. Facebook users seemed divided on the creation. “That looks god awful,” one user was not afraid to comment. “Please don’t say you shared that with your family”. Others seemed more on board with the idea of a cake made out of pasta. “Cheese sauce icing is next level,” a fan wrote