LANDR Studio has everything you need to make and release music (except a DAW)


If you're a music maker, chances are you've signed up for a music distribution service like DistoKid, maybe you have a subscription to a sample depot like Splice, and even pay monthly for an instrument like Output's Arcade. LANDR is now bring all of those disparate tools together under one plan that also includes unlimited access to its well-regarded AI-powered mastering service.

LANDR Studio aims to be an end-to-end solution that can take your musical project through its entire journey from creation to release. For $20 a month, or $150 for the year you get 20 sample credits per month, access to the company's FX suite, its Chromatic sample instrument, DAW streaming and collaboration tools, three WAV masters a month, unlimited MP3 masters and unlimited distribution to services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Yearly subscribers also get a host of third-party VSTs from companies like Arturia, Audiothing, Cableguys and Baby Audio and get unlimited mastering. Even if you decide to pay month to month, those mastering credits roll over, so you can get 36 fully mastered WAVs per year, which is probably more than enough for your average hobbyist.

There's also educational content available from Melodics and Groove 3 if you want to improve your keyboard or finger drumming skills. Plus, more courses are planned through partners like Ableton and Berklee College of Music. The company is clearly taking aim at Splice's Creator plans that come bundled with a pair of exclusive VSTs and a ton of educational videos.

All of these tools in one bundle is pretty attractive no matter what. And at the yearly price of roughly $12.50 a month it's a pretty decent bargain. While there are other services out there, like Splice, that offer at least some of these features, LANDR has undercut them on price (though, it does offer significantly fewer sample credits per month). And perhaps more importantly it's one of the few (maybe the only) such service that includes mastering.

Update: This story has been updated to clarify that the monthly subscription includes three WAV masters per month, but unlimited MP3s.