Landon Barker Reveals New Hyper Realistic Tattoo of Girlfriend Charli D'Amelio's Eye

Landon Barker, son of Travis Barker, sealed his love for Charli D'Amelio in ink



Landon Barker just sealed his love for Charli D'Amelio with some ink.

The son of superstar drummer Travis Barker took to Instagram on Thursday to show off his "tattoo time," where he got brand new ink dedicated to his love.

The first of Barker's story showed his arm laid out on the tattoo chair where the tattoo artist's hand was visibly at work above his elbow. The photo also showed a peek at his other tattoos on the inside of his arm.

Then, the 19-year-old musician shared a hyper-realistic and extremely detailed eye in the middle of his bicep, complete with eyelashes, an eyebrow, and glistening specs as if it was looking into the sun. However, you wouldn't know the eye belonged to his beau unless you saw the reference photo displayed behind him in the Instagram Story.

<p>Landon Barker/Instagram</p>

Landon Barker/Instagram

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The tattoo artist had an in-color and black and white photo side by side of D'Amelio's face, zoomed in on her eye and its surroundings, making it crystal clear that the eye was for the lady that caught his.

D'Amelio posted her own photos of the "tattoo time" to her Snapchat Story. First, an up-close, slightly blurred photo of the ink with the on-screen text "holy s---" and a follow-up photo, the same one Barker posted, of the tattoo with text reading "yup."

This comes nearly a month after D'Amelio celebrated her 19th birthday, where Barker wished her a happy birthday with a heartfelt message.

<p>Charli Damelio/Snapchat</p>

Charli Damelio/Snapchat

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"Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world @charlidamelio," began Barker's caption. "I don't even know where to start; since the first day we ever started talking, you have changed my life!"

"[You're] such a kind, strong, loving person, and that has brought me and so many others so much happiness and love," Barker wrote. "I love you so much and hope you have the best day ever. You deserve it so much ❤️."

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<p>Charli Damelio/Snapchat</p>

Charli Damelio/Snapchat

Since entering a relationship, the two have slowly begun making public appearances together, most notably with their first joint magazine cover.

In April, they graced the cover of Mini V, the youth-focused version of fashion magazine V; they explored their signature style in a moody, high-fashion photo shoot.

For the cover shoot, the couple sported a handful of coordinating black-and-white looks, each reflecting the new-age rocker style they associate with.

When answering questions from the Proust Questionnaire, a 19th-century game created by Marcel Proust, the couple let readers in on what makes them the happiest, which just so happened to describe moments like these.

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Barker answered the question, "What is your idea of perfect happiness?" with the answer, "I don't know if perfect happiness truly exists, but if it did, it would be me creating art, surrounded by friends and family."

D'Amelio seconded that answer with, "Perfect happiness to me is being surrounded by the people I love every single day."

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