Lance Henriksen looks back at filming 'Aliens' on its 35th anniversary

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Lance Henriksen, one of the stars of the hit 1986 flick Aliens, looks back on the film 35 years later. Henriksen also reflects on working with the Late Bill Paxton.

Video Transcript

- Hey, Bishop, do the thing with the knife.

- Oh, please.

- C'mon, yeah, c'mon.


- Do it, man.

- All right, yeah.

ETHAN ALTER: I'm sure there's not a day that goes by where someone doesn't say, hey, do the knife trick for me. (LAUGHING) What was it like to shoot the Bishop's knife trick back in the day? How many takes of that did it take to do?

LANCE HENRIKSEN: Quite a few. I gave Bill a blood blister, and he moved his pinky into the line of fire, and I pinched it. I didn't even cut a hole in it. I pinched it, and he was acting like I stabbed him with an ice pick.


LANCE HENRIKSEN: It was pretty funny, actually. I mean, it was all good. We had to do it twice, and we were ready to fly back from London to LA, and we had to go back to the studio the morning of flight. And of course, we had partied that night, you know, saying goodbye to England, but we did it a second time and that's where he got pinched. That's [INAUDIBLE] about it. Not really.

- That wasn't funny, man.

LANCE HENRIKSEN: Everywhere I went, the waiter would come up and hand me a knife or some total stranger from across the room pulls a switchblade says, try it with this one, you know [INAUDIBLE] You know, that's part of the allure of being an actor. You know, you're going to make contact with the rest of the world.




ETHAN ALTER: What was it like seeing the alien queen at the end where you get ripped apart? What was that-- what was that-- what do you remember about filming that scene?

LANCE HENRIKSEN: Gave me indigestion really because-- [LAUGHS]. Yeah, they put me through some stuff. I mean, I don't know how you act getting ripped apart. You kind of run out of gas is what happens.