Lance Anoa’i Explains Why He Requested His MLW Release

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Lance Anoa’i missed out on some big opportunities with WWE while contracted to Major League Wrestling.

Former Major League Wrestling star Lance Anoa’i recently sat down with Steve Fall of When asked about why he requested his release from the company, Anoa’i revealed he missed multiple WWE opportunities while under contract to MLW.

‘When I was getting back from Japan, they had no dates for me,” Lance Anoa’i said. “They had nothing for me. Nothing was planned. I knew, like once I dropped the tag straps, I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen, but since they didn’t give me no dates or anything, no vision, because at first when we signed, the vision was, you know, the Samoans versus the Von Erichs, the Samoans verse 5150 like it was a big tag division.

“Then slowly it started like, chopping down, and it was the Samoans versus FBI, who was a great tag team. We still wrestled great tag teams, but they gave us, they pitched the good selling point to us while we’re there, and then slowly, everything just started dying off, and then we started dying off, and I said, ‘Hey, man, I just want to, you know, right now I’m in Japan, but I don’t want my value to go down. I’m enjoying it. I travel back and forth. I didn’t want no conflicts with Japan and MLW’, and they granted me as many tours as I want with Japan.

Missed opportunities with The Bloodline

“They granted that for me, but just more of the freedom. Maybe a possibility, man, you know, we just be able to throw it up, man, but who knows. I just wanted that freedom mainly for right now, especially with my family being at the top of the best company there is.”

“I’ve missed a few opportunities being with MLW. That one on A&E. I missed the possibility of being on the Tribal Court they were doing, bringing in the whole family. I missed that opportunity. Now I can do it all. I can be at extra work. I can be at tryouts. Like nothing is stopping me now, so I’m just ready to go.”

“So the Tribal Court, they wanted a lot of us. They asked my grandfather, my dad, my uncles, me, Jacob, they wanted us all, and unfortunately, you know, due to our contracts and everything, we weren’t able to, but that’s okay, you know. We weren’t able to, and we just carried on, and now we just don’t know, man. Time will tell. IMPACT looks very strong right now. In January, they become TNA again. AEW looks awesome. You just you just never know. Hey, man, that’s the life of the freedom.”

Lance Anoa’i couldn’t appear in WWE’s A&E special about his family

When asked to elaborate on Major League Wrestling shutting down his WWE opportunities, Anoa’i said he wasn’t even allowed to appear in the A&E special that was filmed about their family.

“We pitched that point, and we got shut down,” Lance Anoa’i said. “We don’t know why. You know, it is what it is. Like, you know, we just ran with it. They even did the A&E special, like filming my whole family at our family reunion, and we weren’t allowed to be in any of it. So you know, there’s just a few missed opportunities, and hopefully, it just comes right back around, and we’ll be able to, everybody will be able to see how big our family is still growing.

“I’m not the only one left. There’s still a lot of guys. Jacob Fatu is my cousin. His brother, Journey. Solo is already in there, man. Zilla Fatu, who’s Umaga’s son. We’re just all just going, and we’re all young and hungry and ready to achieve and follow our footsteps, our family’s footsteps, and just keep the Bloodline going.”

The Bloodline is why Lance still tunes in to WWE

When asked if he’d want to be involved in a storyline with The Bloodline in the future, Anoa’i admitted that he would.

“Yeah, just seeing them and especially Solo because I watched his very first match all the way to being able to tag with him right before he got signed, and just to see him in the position he’s in man, I’m proud,” Lance Anoa’i said. “I was just in Florida last week just telling him when I was down at his house, I was just like, ‘This is where I want to be. I want to be with you guys, but right now, y’all are killing it, and I love every moment.’ I said, ‘You guys are the only reason I still tune in every single week to watch you.'”

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