A Lana Del Rey Fan Dressed Up as the Singer Working at Waffle House for Halloween — Then Ran Into Lana Herself

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Lana Del Rey saw double this past Halloweekend, as she ran into a fan dressed like her.

Makeup artist Sandy Ganzer dressed up as the pop star working a shift at Waffle House — as she memorably did in Alabama over the summer, which went viral on social media — in an equal-parts hilarious and serendipitous moment at a Halloween party.

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Ganzer spilled the details of her meeting the “Summertime Sadness” singer via Instagram on Monday (Oct. 30).

“Waffle House employee shirt purchased on Ebay: $28.60. Pepsi bottle and fun little straw purchased last minute at CVS: $9. Waffle House ‘Lana’ name tag sticker: $5.59. Attending a halloween party dressed as ‘Lana Del Rey kicking it at Waffle House’ and she’s there in real life: Priceless,” Ganzer captioned the post, which featured her and the six-time Grammy nominee posing together, plus her solo in the costume. “Thank you for having a sense of humor about it @honeymoon, you’re a Queen. *first two photos taken by the Queen herself.”

While Ganzer didn’t share how she ran into Del Rey, she is a celebrity makeup artist who has created looks for Hunter Schafer, Phoebe Bridgers, Kesha, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner and more.

Del Rey explained how she ended up working at an Alabama Waffle House in her September feature in The Hollywood Reporter. “We were on our third hour, and the servers asked, ‘Do you guys want shirts?’ ” she recalled. “Hell yeah! We were thrilled.” She even remembered a notable customer: “This guy, a regular, comes in every day and orders two things, so they were like, ‘Just go get it for him!’ I brought him a Coke. No ice. And an empty cup.”

The response to Del Rey’s Waffle House photos caught her off guard, she revealed. “I wish my album had gone as viral. I woke up to, like, 10,000 texts the next morning — some from folks I had not heard from for 10 years,” Del Rey said. “’Saw your picture at the Waffle House!’ I was like, ‘Did you hear the new album?’”

See Del Rey and Ganzer pose for pictures below.

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