Lama Odom's 17-Year-Old Son Has Something to Say About the Basketball Player's Engagement

Lamar Joseph Odom was born on November 6, 1979 in Queens, New York City, to Joe Odom and Cathy Mercer. Joe was addicted to heroin and when he was twelve, his mother died from colon cancer. After her death, Lamar moved in with his maternal grandmother, Mildred Mercer, who took care of him till he was of age. The 6 ft 10 basketball player was a student of St. Thomas Aquinas. In his senior year, he was awarded "Parade Player of the Year." This was the beginning of this basket career.

Moving on to his college days, Lamar Odom was questioned for his ACT scores and his scholarship was revoked immediately. Due to this, Lamar was unable to play for the Runnin Rebels. He later got a transfer to the University of Rhode Island and his bills were paid from the G.I bill his father received. The University admitted Lamar as a non-matriculating student, therefore, he could not take part in the 1997 and 98 basketball games. After this, the player earned his spot on the court.

Three years ago, Lamar Odom and his now ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, decided to go their separate ways via a court order. In 2019, he found love again with 32-year-old Sabrina Parr. Four months after dating, the couple has taken it a step further and gotten engaged. Although everyone is psyched about their union, Lamar Odom's 17-year-old son disapproves of this decision. This is coming as a shock to fans as Lamar and his son barely speak to one another.

In early August 2019 Lamar and Sabrina Parr, a life coach/trainer, kicked off a relationship with one another and this was good news to everyone. Things got very serious when the basketball player took to Instagram to profess his love to Parr and this put fans on their toes. The 40-year-old took things a step further when he moved to Atlanta to be with his woman. However, fans were blown away on November 11, 2019, when Lamar shared a picture of him and Parr in a restaurant with a shiny diamond ring on her finger.

Lamar Morales Odom, son of Lamar Odom and ex, Liza Morales, was mostly taken aback by the news as he found out the way other fans did. To air out his disappointment, Lamar Jr, took to the comment section of his father's post and called him out for not deeming it necessary to inform his family. In his comment, he mentioned that Lamar had only known parr for four months, and they were already engaged. This comment from the 17-year-old is not a surprise to many as he is not really close to his father The last time Lamar Odom posted his son's photo, was a Christmas celebration in 2017. What will be Lamar's reaction to his son's comment? More importantly, is the basketball player taking the right step with his engagement to Sabrina Parr?