Lala Kent Shades Randall Emmett After He Told Her “To Move On”

Lala Kent Shades Randall Emmett After He Told Her
Lala Kent Shades Randall Emmett After He Told Her "To Move On"

Lala Kent is slamming her ex, Randall Emmett after he tells her to “move on” following their split. Fans will remember Lala after she joined the Vanderpump Rules cast during season 4. Her quick shade and lethal attitude got her into some mess with some of her cast members, but I’ve always loved how real she keeps it. Absolutely perfect for an ensemble show like this.

A rep from Randall told Us Weekly, “Randall is happy Lala is having other relationships. He hopes this will help her move on with her life and find peace.” LaLa and Randall split a while ago now, things were pretty dark between them. Lala slammed Randall, saying she couldn’t “wait for sex to be over” and so much more. Just 5 months after giving birth, the Pump Rules star removed Randall from her Instagram profile.

Lala finally responded to Randall through Us Weekly while at BravoCon and said, “Side note: I’ll move on with my life when I know my daughter and her future are safe.” She was on the shade assassin panel next to Kenya Moore and Margaret Josephs for a reason. She doesn’t hold back.

Let’s be very clear though. Randall was upset because Lala was talking freely in the press about her relationship status. She told Jeff Lewis on his SiriuxXM radio show that she “might be in love with someone.”

We’ve hung out like, literally, that was the third time. We had a lot of fun,” she explained. “I love his brain. He’s very smart. His face doesn’t match what comes out of his mouth. He’s a unicorn.”

If you’re Team Lala here and hoping to see more of her dating life featured on the show, you may have to wish for something new. Lala confirmed that viewers “won’t see me, like, dating” when season 10 of the series airs on Bravo likely in the new year. But don’t lose hope just yet… she hinted that her fans will likely see “the first boy I slept with since my last relationship.”


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