Lala Kent Accuses Bethenny Frankel of ‘Exploiting’ Rachel Leviss

Lala Kent
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Lala Kent has come out swinging after Rachel Leviss, formerly known as Raquel, spoke out. But she’s not going after her former Vanderpump Rules co-star. Instead, she has some harsh words for Bethenny Frankel, the woman who afforded Rachel a platform to speak.

Let’s face it, any podcast within the reality TV realm would’ve jumped at the opportunity to have Rachel as a guest. She hadn’t been seen or heard from for months after the Pump Rules Season 10 reunion. So was Bethenny helping out of the goodness of her heart? Or did she have an ulterior motive? Lala thinks it’s the latter, and took to her podcast to have her say.

Lala thinks Bethenny wants to create a “narrative”

“Bethenny completely exploited that girl yet again,” Lala started. “To me, she sat there and said, ‘You know what, this girl? She’s gonna be easy to manipulate – because I’m Bethenny Frankel – she’s floundering. She’s gonna be easy to manipulate Her story is crazy, even though she brought it upon herself, and this is gonna be the perfect way for me to place her in the narrative that I’m trying to create.'”

Lala continued that she was “sad” after the interview dropped, because she’d always been a Bethenny fan. She complimented her as someone who “always made sense, she was a great arguer, she was extremely intelligent.”

“I felt like Bethenny really tried to push her in a certain direction, and Raquel being someone who – I don’t know if she got a diagnosis from that facility or not – she’s very easy to manipulate, and you put words out there and she’s like, ‘Yeah that’s how I feel.’ And it’s like, but you don’t. You’re being told to feel a certain way and you’re being guided in a direction that I don’t think is healthy for you,” Lala explained.

“I don’t know why anyone would allow her to do that interview … she’s very vulnerable right now.”

While Lala may have a point, she might not be the best person to drive it home. She’s way too involved in the situation to come at it from an unbiased point of view. With that in mind, it’s going to take a few more people speaking out, outside of the VPR universe, to make these valid points about Bethenny. Kyle Cooke was a great start.


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