Lakieth Stanfield Stars In Sony’s ‘The Book Of Clarence’ Trailer

Lakieth Stanfield stars in Sony’s The Book of Clarence trailer. The teaser for Jeymes Samuel’s latest movie was released on Tuesday (Aug. 29). The Book of Clarence visuals take place in Jerusalem A.D. 33 and follow the main character, Clarence (Stanfield).

Clarence becomes fascinated by Jesus’ wonder and influence and looks to become a Messiah for selfish reasons. Through his deceptive ploys, Stanfield’s character embarks on a path of inner faith as he attempts to become an apostle. Viewers are also treated to first looks at the film’s all-star cast.

Along with the acclaimed actor, the movie’s cast includes Alfre Woodard, RJ Cyler, Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Omar Sy, Anna Diop, David Oyelowo, and Teyana Taylor. Samuel serves as the film’s writer, with JAY-Z, James Lassiter, and Tendo Nagenda handling producing duties. Garrett Grant will serve as the film’s executive producer.

Jeymes Samuel spoke about the upcoming film in an interview with Vanity Fair, where he detailed The Book Of Clarence as “a Bible story about an everyman.”

“Clarence is a person that doesn’t believe in anything outside of what’s in front of him, what he can see and hear,” The Harder They Fall director described. “Clarence has a lot of inside belief — he has a lot of inside confidence. This man is sure he could fly… [The Book Of Clarence is a] journey of self-belief and world discovery. I think a lot of us have the issue of not only outside belief, but inside belief.”

Hov opened up about the film including Black people at the center of its narrative. Jay also spoke to the people who write the film off as blasphemy or simply a “faith-based movie.” “Most of the stories told in the Old West didn’t include people of color. We know they existed. We know we’ve been here just as long as anyone else,” he said. “[Samuels keeps] finding fresh ways and perspectives to talk about these stories.”

“My fear is that people don’t allow that arc to take place, and are immediately judging,” JAY-Z added. “This story is about a young man who finds his faith through love and through wanting to become somebody in the world, which is the story of everybody. Everyone wants to find love and everyone wants to leave this place having accomplished something, having left their mark that they’ve been here and hopefully affected the world in a positive way.”

Sony’s The Book Of Clarence is scheduled to release theatrically on Jan. 12, 2024.

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