LaKeith Stanfield teases release of debut album 'Do Better'

LaKeith Stanfield
LaKeith Stanfield

All eyes are on LaKeith Stanfield now that he is back on the scene with his latest film project, The Book of Clarence.

The film is written and directed by Jeymes Samuel and stars Stanfield in the titular role, as well as familiar faces such as Teyana Taylor, “Stranger Things” star Caleb McLaughlin, Marvel’s Doctor Strange actor Bendict Cumberbatch and a few others who round out the cast of biblical misfits.

But soon, the diversely talented actor hopes that fans will tap into his other creative outlet: music. In a new Wired “Web’s Most Searched Questions” interview, Stanfield revealed, “I’m going to be releasing some soon.” He continued, “My music name is my name backwards (Htiekal which he pronounces as T-kal)… I love making music. I’ve been making music since even before I started acting. Just kind of like in the driveway of my mom’s house, beating on pots and pans and coming up with these melodies and ideas. More to come on music. Keep your eyes peeled.”

When he appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Jan. 10, he doubled down on his plans to drop new music, even going so far as to disclose that it would happen sometime this year. He also shared that the album will be named Do Better and that the cover art is his driver’s license photo. “That was a time in my life that I sort of chronicle in the music,” he added of the symbolic meaning behind the artwork. “The kind of things I was going through before I became an actor and kind of like… the ambitions, the thoughts, the love, the loss. All of that is on here.”

He said listeners can expect to hear Hip Hop, singing and all kinds of other musings that inspired him. “Sometimes I just get on a track [and] say what I’m feeling,” said the Get Out star. “Sometimes [I] just let it free flow and see what happens, but I’m always making sure I’m having fun and being truthful.”

In a past XXL interview, Stanfield said that despite film being a powerful medium for storytelling, he believes that music has a greater ability to move people and is a much more intimate experience of connecting people. Fans who are interested in finding out what the creative being is capable of in the booth, can check out a selection of his past song releases on streaming platforms.

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