Lake Bell Shares Update on Daughter's Epilepsy, Says She's 'Proud' of Her for Being an Advocate

Lake Bell
Lake Bell
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Lake Bell is providing an update on daughter Nova's epilepsy diagnosis.

While speaking with PEOPLE about her new audiobook INSIDE VOICE: My Obsession with How We Sound the actress, 43, shares that the 8-year-old is now in a "place of steady and calm in terms of her epilepsy."

"I need to knock wood, but she's been seizure-free for a few months," says the What Happens in Vegas star. "So I feel very grateful to celebrate her in that way. And it's been a great year for her and for the family."

Nova was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2020 at only 5 years old. Now, over two years later, Bell reflects on how she has managed her daughter's disorder. "It's so hard. I think for parents with kids with epilepsy or any type of neurodiversity."

The actress also speaks to co-parenting Nova with ex-husband Scott Campbell, 45, whom she split from the year of her daughter's epilepsy diagnosis. "Her dad and I are elated that she's in a place of steady and calm in terms of her epilepsy. But we are committed to just supporting her."

Bell and Campbell also share 5-year-old son Ozgood.

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Lake Bell Scott Campbell
Lake Bell Scott Campbell

Greg Doherty/WireImage Scott Campbell and Lake Bell

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The actress first announced her daughter's diagnosis via Instagram in 2020, saying, "It's taken me a few months to gather the courage to post about it because I do not want to endorse it's existence."

"I also didn't know why I should share it. Why tell a bunch of strangers? However in a time where we are so isolated I crave community. We all do. We want to be reminded we are not alone in any reality," she wrote.

In the post, Bell gave thanks to Campbell as well as the Children's Hospital of L.A. for their research and support.

"And above all, I am grateful... Grateful to have a partner in @scottcampbell who, with his research and smarts, is giving these seizures a worthy adversary. Scott and I, along with the care of the incomparable @childrensla, will conquer them."

Referring to the seizures caused by epilepsy, Bell continued, "They are like invaders, that come on without invitation nor warning. We will fight for Nova. For her future. For tomorrow. For today."

The actress summed up the post with encouragement: "It's a beginning of a long journey and I want/need to remember that I am not alone. And if you are dealing with a loved one with epilepsy, I get it... You are not alone."

Two years after the Instagram announcement, Bell tells PEOPLE she's proud to see how far her daughter has come.

"She's like a teeny tiny advocate for epilepsy awareness and she shares that with her school," she says. "And so we're proud of her for that."