Who Is Lady Gaga's Boyfriend? All About Michael Polansky

Lady Gaga Instagram
Lady Gaga Instagram
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Lady Gaga Instagram Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky

After ending her engagement to Christian Carino, Lady Gaga has found love again with businessman Michael Polansky.

The low-profile pair were first photographed kissing at a 2020 New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas, and they went public with their relationship after spending a PDA-packed weekend together in Miami for Super Bowl 2020.

Polansky and Gaga ended up quarantining together at her Malibu home during the COVID-19 pandemic a few months later. A source close to the singer exclusively told PEOPLE in April 2020 that they had "been hanging out at her house" and "ordering delivery food" while they self-isolated.

After the pair bonded during quarantine, the tech entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist quickly became a major part of Gaga's life.

"My dogs and the man that I love are my whole life," she told The Hollywood Reporter in November 2021.

So, who exactly is Polansky and how did he steal the "Stupid Love" singer's heart? Here is everything you need to know about Lady Gaga's boyfriend Michael Polansky.

He went Instagram official with Gaga after Super Bowl 2020 

Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky in Miami
Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky in Miami

Lady Gaga Instagram

Gaga and Polansky made their relationship Instagram official after spending Super Bowl weekend together in February 2020. The singer shared a photo of the two on a boat in Miami with the caption, "We had so much fun in Miami. Love to all my little monsters and fans, you're the best! ❤️."

Polansky was also seen at the pre-game and promotional events throughout the weekend to support Gaga, who was performing at the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night show.

"They weren't shy about showing off PDA," a source told PEOPLE about the weekend. "They seemed very happy together."

He's a Harvard graduate and an entrepreneur

Lady Gaga leaves after Super Bowl LIV Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
Lady Gaga leaves after Super Bowl LIV Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida


According to his LinkedIn profile, Polansky attended Harvard University between 2002 and 2006. He graduated with a degree in applied mathematics and computer science.

Polansky is currently a businessman and entrepreneur who holds several roles among nonprofits and companies. Most notably, he helped create the Parker Foundation in 2015 alongside Sean Parker, co-founder of Facebook and Napster, where he has served as the executive director for over a decade. The philanthropic organization aims to create positive changes in global public health, life sciences and civic engagement.

He and Gaga have a shared passion for charitable work 

Lady Gaga and Co-fundraisers
Lady Gaga and Co-fundraisers

Lady Gaga Instagram

In addition to his work, Polansky is also a board member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, which funds research for cancer treatments. A source told PEOPLE that he and Gaga first bonded over their "focus" on charity, as Gaga is very passionate about supporting the mental health and wellness of young people through her Born This Way Foundation.

The couple has also worked together to benefit and fundraise for various charitable causes including the One World: Together at Home concert, which Gaga organized.

In an interview with MSNBC's Morning Joe, the singer also mentioned that her tech-investor boyfriend is helping to develop an app for her foundation.

"With Born This Way Foundation, my mother, Cynthia Germanotta, and our co-founder Maya [Enista Smith], who I love so very much — they are working with my, the love of my life on something for mental health," Gaga shared.

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A source later told PEOPLE, "They are both hard-working and love working together on charity projects [...] They have not been sitting around during the lockdown and instead focused on where they can do good. They want to help out where they can."

He previously dated a New York Times editor, who wrote an op-ed about him and Gaga

Prior to dating one of the world's biggest pop stars, Polanksy dated Lindsay Crouse, a New York Times senior staff editor. Crouse wrote an op-ed for the publication about how she first discovered that her ex was dating the megastar.

Crouse and Polansky dated for seven years before calling it quits a few years after college. They seemed to end things on neutral terms, however, he did delete her from Facebook following their breakup.

"Lady Gaga is amazing," she wrote of her former flame's new girlfriend. "Comparing yourself with her is incredibly motivational, and I recommend you try it, regardless of how you relate to who's dating her."

Fans think he's the inspiration behind "Stupid Love"

Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky
Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky

Lady Gaga Instagram

On March 5, 2020, Gaga posted a selfie with her Polansky, and the caption made fans speculate whether her single "Stupid Love" was inspired by her entrepreneur boyfriend. "I've got a STUPID love💕," she captioned the post just a week after the single dropped, which is all about finding a lover after a long and exhaustive search.

Prior to dating Polansky, Gaga was engaged to her talent manager, Christian Carino, before the pair called it quits in February 2019. She was also previously engaged to actor Taylor Kinney, whom on the set of her "Yoü and I" music video in 2011. Gaga announced that the couple had ended their engagement in June 2016.

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He supports Gaga through the good and the bad

Jennifer Lopez greets Lady Gaga (R) flanked by Michael Polansky at the 59th Presidential Inaguruation in Washington, DC
Jennifer Lopez greets Lady Gaga (R) flanked by Michael Polansky at the 59th Presidential Inaguruation in Washington, DC


In January 2021, Lady Gaga performed at President Joe Biden's inauguration, and Polansky was right by her side supporting her. The couple was even spotted giving each other a kiss with their masks on at the event.

"Gaga had a blast at the Inauguration and was in the best spirits," a source told PEOPLE. "She's very happy with Michael and feels grateful for his support."

While Gaga was in Italy filming her movie House of Gucci, her dog walker was shot and her two french bulldogs were stolen during a robbery in Los Angeles. Eventually, the dogs were returned to Gaga, but Polansky was her rock throughout the ordeal.

"She had just arrived in Italy to film right before her dogs were stolen, and she was clearly upset for several days," an insider told PEOPLE. "She would get updates from Michael."

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The insider added that Polansky "would send her videos of the dogs after he got them back" and "sent her flowers on the set." "It was all very special, and you could tell he means the world to her," said the source.

They're in no rush to get engaged

Despite how crazy she is about Polansky, a source told PEOPLE that the singer is in no rush to get engaged. "They almost act like a married couple already," said the insider.

"When they are together, it's obvious that Gaga is crazy about him," the source added. "She always giggles and touches him. They are very affectionate and have the best chemistry."