Lady Gaga Reveals Dark Truth Behind Popular Dance Hit at Toronto Concert

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Lady Gaga is currently on a world tour of her latest release, Chromatica, and while in Toronto, the singer surprised fans with what she called the "original version" of one of the album's popular dance tracks.

The song in question may have become a smash-hit because it's upbeat and catchy, but on Aug. 6, the Award-winning singer admitted that she had much different plans for the tune when she originally wrote it.

In a video shared by a concertgoer on TikTok, Lady Gaga revealed to the crowd that the number was never meant to be a bright pop song, but instead, the artist had intended for it to be a sad, piano-led ballad.

"When I wrote this song, I wrote it at the piano. And my friends were all trying to convince me to make it into a dance record, so I did. I made it into a dance record on the album but I never wanted it to be a dance record because it was f***ing sad, and I was sad," she bellowed.

"And I was so mad that my friends wanted me to make a happy song out of the saddest sh*t I ever went through in my whole life, so for anybody that's here tonight, that was ever hurting so bad, this ones for you."

The crowd let out a roar of support before Gaga introduced her next song of the set.

This song in question? "1000 Doves."

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In a second video shared to TikTok, the Grammy-winning singer left the crowd with some uplifting words of advice: "All you need is a little nudge, and you might smile again," she said before turning to the piano to play.

"I need you to listen to me, please, believe me," the artist sang, as the crowd swayed and belted along to the familiar tune.

Toward the end, the video showed fans crying as Gaga hit the final note of the ballad.

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This isn't the first time the singer has spilled the tea on the influence behind her work. Back in 2018, the singer let fans in on the melancholic inspiration behind her pop hit The Edge Of Glory, and with tour dates still ahead, it likely won't be the last we hear of Gaga's creative process.

You can listen to the studio version of "1000 Doves" below:

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