Lady Gaga Praises Bradley Cooper's 'Spectacular' Nightmare Alley Performance: 'Amazing Film'

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lady gaga, bradley cooper
lady gaga, bradley cooper

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Lady Gaga is supporting pal Bradley Cooper's latest film.

The House of Gucci actress, 35, praised Cooper, 46, and Nightmare Alley on Twitter Sunday, congratulating Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro.

The film, now in theaters, is based on William Lindsay Gresham's 1946 novel and is set in the 1940s. Stanton Carlisle (Cooper) is an ambitious carnival member–turned mentalist who pursues a dark path conning rich clients into thinking he speaks with the dead. The movie also stars Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Richard Jenkins and more.

"Nightmare Alley is an amazing film with an amazing cast, congratulations to @RealGDT. Bradley is spectacular, Cate and Rooney beyond powerful! I loved it so much. Go see it!" said Gaga.

Cooper told Deadline that his Nightmare Alley role "terrified me, for many reasons."

"But as we started to delve into it — and we had the real benefit of time and prep to work on this — the idea of inhabiting somebody who doesn't know who they are, and who's in search of who they are through the whole film, right up until the last scene," he explained. "I thought, 'Maybe that's where I am in my life as an actor and a human being.' "

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He added, "It was important to go there, unflinchingly and boldly, which I was able to do with Guillermo hand-in-hand. It cost something for us emotionally, making this movie. It was very risky to go to these places of, 'Are we this person? Is this a side of ourselves? Is this who we really are?' I found that to be quite vulnerable as an actor. All my characters tend to linger, but this one, I have to say, was an especially hard one."

Cooper recently sang Gaga's praises during a conversation with her House of Gucci director Ridley Scott for Variety. The actor/director recalled being impressed with her while making 2018's A Star Is Born together.

"For me, with working with her, I remember the thing that blew my mind. It seemed simple but I thought it was a tall order, when my character brings [Ally] onstage for the first time. I truly believed that that person had never been on a stage before," he said of her performance.

"I remember thinking, 'How is she pulling this off?' That I actually believe on every level — as the director, as the character — that this person has never been in front of 20,000 people before," Cooper continued. "That was really kind of mind-blowing."

Nightmare Alley is now playing in theaters.