Lady Gaga Is Going Viral After Someone Threw Something At Her Onstage And It Was Blocked By An Invisible Shield

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You know Lady Gaga — Mother Monster, choreo queen, mic-is-always-on LADY GAGA.

Lady Gaga making claw hands on stage
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

Well, she returned to the stage this week for her long-delayed Chromatica Ball. The show seems amazing, and is receiving rave reviews.

Gaga on stage
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

And she's going viral after a fan threw something at her onstage, and she rejected it with a seemingly invisible force field??!!?!!

gaga on stage with her arms out
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

That's right, Twitter user @noah3020 caught the moment and shared it, where it got 3.5 million views!

Literally, someone threw something at Gaga...

arrow pointing at a large object making its way toward the stage

...and it was immediately BLOCKED by some type of invisible force field.

the object falling before making it to stage

People were obsessed and perplexed by the whole moment:

One fan said not to worry, since it's a common thing for Monsters to throw gifts onstage:

Either way, when you're a legend, you have special powers, like when Mariah Carey sat on an invisible chair in 2017 while signing autographs.

Queens. That's all, bye.