Lady Gaga Expertly Clapped Back At Rude People Saying She's Pregnant, And Now Taylor Swift Responded

Lady Gaga is on the verge of another bout of massive success.

Lady Gaga exits a car wearing a leather jacket and dark sunglasses, making a rock-and-roll hand gesture with a passionate expression on her face. An unidentified man is in the background
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The Oscar winner and Nurtec ODT ambassador has been teasing her long-awaited seventh album.

The image has the text "LG7" at the top and "Gaga Returns" at the bottom, hinting at new material from Lady Gaga

Gaga has gradually been making more public appearances and social media posts

Lady Gaga seen wearing a long, belted black leather coat, black platform boots, and large dark sunglasses while holding a black handbag
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Last week, she wore a car part to the premiere of her concert film, Chromatica Ball.

Lady Gaga on the red carpet wearing an avant-garde white outfit with structural, futuristic elements
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"Thank God, weird Gaga is back," people rejoiced.

Twitter: @ZtotheOandE

Now, she's popping off on people saying she's pregnant.

Person with long dark hair and visible tattoo on arm taking a selfie in good lighting

So, Gaga attended her sister Natali's wedding, where some pictures were taken that led to speculation that she might be pregnant.

Gaga Chromatica Ball: Lady Gaga stands in an avant-garde white dress with structural elements and bold makeup in front of a backdrop with the event's red logo

^That's obviously not the picture, but it's mega exclusive, and we aren't going to channel that negative energy!

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Out of nowhere, Gaga posted this in response:

Twitter: @ladygaga

She also posted a similar thing on TikTok:


"Down bad" is a reference to a Taylor Swift song.

It's a shame she *had* to aknowledge it, but let's focus on the positive...

Lady Gaga in a close-up selfie with long dark hair, wearing dramatic makeup with one eye closed, red lipstick, and a visible tattoo on her arm

The new album is coming soon.

Twitter: @landonsarchive


Taylor Swift has since responded to the post:

Taylor Swift comments on the invasiveness of discussing women's bodies, stating Lady Gaga owes no explanations, nor does any woman. Red kiss emoji, 2,706 likes