Lady Frost Doesn’t Play Around When It Comes To Thanksgiving Dinner

Lady Frost Doesn't Play Around When It Comes To Thanksgiving Dinner
Lady Frost Doesn't Play Around When It Comes To Thanksgiving Dinner
lady frost
lady frost

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Tis the season of thanks(giving).

Before the “Ice Cold Killer” Lady Frost can gear up for her favorite season of winter next month, she’s cooking up some of her favorite warm dishes for Thanksgiving. The Pittsburgh native told WrestleZone’s own Ella Jay that she “doesn’t play around” when it comes to preparing for the holiday feast.

“I make a chocolate chip cheesecake that everyone really likes,” she said. “Then I’ll make Oreo and peanut butter brownies.” About five years ago, Frost even made ” eight different side dishes and the turkey and stuffing girl and the dessert.”

Outside of desserts, Frost admitted that she’s “a mashed potato lover” as well, and takes her mashed potatoes “very seriously,” preferring “them very, very smooth,” she specified. “I’m an advocate for sour cream in my mashed potatoes, not a whole, whole lot of butter and some garlic salt, but that’s like an easy one, Mashed potatoes are easy.”

This year, Frost will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner alongside her husband, and fellow professional wrestler, Victor Benjamin. “It’s a lot. It’s going to be stressful. He has a very large family,” she said. “My side is pretty much just my dad. We have a couple other people. My aunt, she’s in Charlotte, but my husband’s family is insane and large and loud, and he’s one of seven children and I’m an only child. So the first time I was there, I was supremely overwhelmed, like, ‘Holy crap, there’s so many people here.’ There’s so many loud noises.”

Over time though, Frost has “embraced” the loud noises. In addition, she’s excited to host the holiday at her home for the first time in five years. “I enjoy having holidays. I like cooking all the food and having everyone here. So, it’ll be nice to do that”

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, the former IMPACT Knockout also spoke about some things she’s grateful for. “My dogs. I’m very big on my dogs right now because when you’re away and you miss that unconditional love, all day and all night,” she explained.

“I’m very thankful for my dogs, but my family [too]. It’s my dad’s birthday today [at the time of recording], and I’m thankful that he’s here…He was my stepdad, I guess you could say, but I call him dad. He’s been my dad since I was little.”

Frost continued, expressing special appreciation for her husband. Together, the duo joined forces to create the unique tag team of Pretty Proper. “I’m grateful that I’m still able to live my dream with my husband [and] do both. I think it’s challenging for a lot of people if they’re not in the industry with their spouse. But we’ve made it almost seven years together, so I think we’re doing alright. I’m very thankful for that,” she said.

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