Kyros, Azure, Inhalo, Grace Hayhurst and more to play High Taste At Home festival

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 High Taste
High Taste

This weekend's High Taste At Home free online music festival has released set times for Saturday and Sunday.

The event is headlined by UK prog rock band Kyros and US prog metallers Flummox and also features up and coming UK proggers Azure, Grace Hayhurst, Inhalo and more.

The event kicks off at 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and can be viewed via the festival's YouTube channels (links below). Set times are as follows:


Kyros - 8.55pm
Lux Terminus - 8.25pm
Azure - 8.05pm
Joviac - 7.25pm
Clement Beilo - 7pm
A Night In The Abyss - 6.35pm
Framing Skeletons - 6.10pm
Thomas Cuce - 5.40pm
Effuse - 5.15pm
Hampus Leidman - 5.10pm
Bigggoron - 5pm


Flummox - 8.40pm
Artifical Silence - 8.15pm
Tiberius - 7.30pm
Obsidious - 7pm
Extrinzic - 6.35pm
Grace Hayhurst - 6.15pm
Arsenous - 6pm
tB Project - 5.30pm
InHalo - 5.15pm
Empire Bathtub - 5.10pm
Nautilus - 5pm

Watch Saturday.

Watch Sunday.

High Taste
High Taste