Kylie Jenner Reacts to Comment About Travis Scott Not Knowing Her Dogs’ Names

Kylie Jenner is a dog mom, too!

The Kylie Cosmetics founder is finding humor in a fan's comment on her most recent TikTok that poked fun at an interview she did with Travis Scott in 2018 where he couldn't name all of her dogs.

In the video, the Kylie is seen calling out to her dogs before six pups run up to her and jump around. At one point Kylie says, "Hi everybody!"

Underneath the clip, many users expressed their shock in discovering how many dogs Kylie owns, with one saying, "why did they just keep coming." Influencer Remi Bader noted, "LMAOOOO a whole crew!!!! This is so cute."

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But it's one follower's reaction that even made Kylie laugh, with them writing, "I understand why Travis didn't know their names now," referencing the GQ interview. In response, Kylie shared a laughing emoji.

In the GQ video, Travis is only able to remember one of Kylie's pups, Norman. At one point, the rapper guesses, "There's a girl, Pretty, or like what's her name?"

Kylie explains, "Her name is Bambi!"

In the interview, Kylie noted that in addition to Norman and Bambi, she is also a dog mom to Rosy and Harley.

"Okay wait, who is the Alpha dog out of all of these dogs?" Travis asks, to which the beauty mogul responds that it's Norman.

It appears as though Kylie has welcomed an additional pair of pooches into her home since the 2018 interview, though she has yet to share the names of them with the rest of the world.