Kylie Jenner 'marries' best friend in crazy Peruvian ceremony

On Life of Kylie, Kylie Jenner and her best friend Jordyn Woods were visiting Peru when they decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level. They informed Kris Jenner that they wanted to get married. “So are you coming out? Are you gay?” asked Kris. “It’s not about that,” said Kylie. “It’s a marriage for friends.”

So the two besties threw on some traditional Peruvian garb, invited some local alpacas, and let the ceremony begin. When the officiator spoke about “the rights to be married,” Kris freaked. “What? This is just a commitment ceremony. Does he know that? Do we need to get this annulled after? There’s no prenup. F***.”

And after realizing that this marriage was the real deal, they vowed to be best friends forever. “So, I vow to always be there for you through thick and thin, in this life and after,” said Jordyn. “I promise to encourage you, inspire you and love you through all the good and bad times. And I take you as my best friend,” said Kylie.

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