Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Lawsuit Moved to Kylie's Home Turf

Daniel Goldblatt

Kylie Jenner will be fighting a lawsuit accusing her of ripping off her "Born to Sparkle" makeup line in her hometown.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a federal judge in New York granted the request, filed by Andrew Brettler from the law firm of Lavely & Singer, to have the case transferred to California.

Jenner's team was also hoping to have the case dismissed entirely on the ground that Sheree Cosmetics sued her in the wrong court and failed to state a proper claim but the judge disagreed and decided to leave that decision in the hands of the California judge.

Last year, Sheree Cosmetics filed a lawsuit against Kylie Comsetics, and Kylie Jenner personally, accusing the makeup mogul of copying their popular "Born to Sparkle" cosmetics line.

Sheree said they have been selling their own "Born to Sparkle" and "Born to Be Iconic" lines since November 2017, and applied for a trademark in August 2018.

Kylie also debuted her sparkle line in August as part of her birthday collection.

Sheree said that Kylie copied the look and vibe of their line, right down to the packaging. Sheree says it "packages its products with inherently distinctive packaging, including the imprinting of quotations."

They claimed that Kylie's "Born to Sparkle" line is a dead-ringer and that her company has "created their own products with the imprinting of quotations, creating a likelihood of confusion in the minds of potential customers as to the source, affiliation, or sponsorship."

The two sides filed documents in May that made it seem like they were headed towards a settlement but that no longer appears to be the case.