Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Look ‘Very Intimate’ With ‘Playful Touching’ in Paris

Morgan Wade, Kyle Richards
Photo by Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

Welp, sounds like Kyle Richards might need a bit of attention. After all, her “estranged” husband Mauricio Umansky just joined Dancing With the Stars. And we can’t have the spotlight on Mauricio for too long.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the streets, Kyle and friend Morgan Wade are in the news again. This time they have taken their close bond to the City of Lights, Paris, France and they may or may not be canoodling all over town. Oooo la la, Page Six has the details.

Meilleurs amis pour toujours

They’ve gone international, everybody. If you’re lucky enough to reside in the place where romance was born, perhaps you caught a glimpse of whatever is going on between Kyle and Morgan.

Eagle eyes said Kyle and Mo were looking “very intimate” while they did mundane tasks like, fetch coffee. Morgan had a show at a Parisian venue called Les Étoiles, which might amount to what a bar with a stage is here in the US.

Sources said Kyle and Morgan “walked up alone” and “sat at a proper table inside, close together.” The insider further shared the two were, “constantly leaning in toward one another, even when not speaking.” Or maybe, you know, having a conversation? Can these two people not go out now without “sources” saying they are heavy-breathing over expensive French coffee?

The witness added there was a “je ne sais quoi [elusive quality] to their comfortable intimacy,” which kind of sounds like a figment of her imagination. Additionally, the source felt Kyle and Morgan’s “body language” made it obvious they’re “not just two friends.” This is all fine and dandy but if they were really acting like Stage 5 clingers, WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS?

The insider with a plethora of free time also said the coffee joint was “not the kind of spot you go to be seen.” She also advised the ladies appeared “clearly relaxed” as they “weren’t on display.”

This is the Year of Our Lord 2023 dear. We require photos, video, or even a moderately understandable recording. As for the descriptive nuances, save it for your future romance novel. Sounds like the moral of the story is Kyle drank some coffee in France with her buddy.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 is coming in hot and heavy with your pumpkin spice lattes in November 2023.


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