Kyle Richards Denies Bringing Annemarie Wiley On RHOBH To ‘Do Her Dirty Work’

Photo By: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
Photo By: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
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After Annemarie Wiley’s flop on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it seems that no one wants to take responsibility for her being cast in the first place. There were endless attacks on Sutton Stracke’s esophagus. Annemarie also made the bad call to discuss someone’s private medical history on national television. She also tried to diagnose Sutton without giving her a proper exam. The comments were so out of line that the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) issued a public response.

The group dynamic was just as confusing as Annemarie’s job description. There was a polite cordiality toward the newbie. But only Kyle Richards had a history or a friendship outside of RHOBH. That is why Kyle was asked to respond to theories that she brought Annemarie on to “do her dirty work,” aka give Sutton a hard time.

Kyle called Annemarie “very opinionated”

Kyle appeared on SIriusXM’s The Jeff Lewis Live After Show recently and was asked to respond to Annemarie’s performance during her freshman season and the “misconception” that “Kyle brought in Annemarie to do her dirty work.”

Host Jeff Lewis asked, “Annemarie, I was able to meet her at your white party, and I met she and her husband, and I really had a nice conversation with them and I liked them, but now that I’m watching the show, she’s not coming off great on the show. Do you agree? Is she the right fit?”

“I met her one time, I met her one time,” the Halloween Kills star said. “They came to my home for an Agency party, and I ended up speaking to her husband the whole time how was so nice, so funny, and she was very quiet, but then when we were talking about who we could add to the show, I was like, ‘Oh. She’s my neighbor. She lives on my street,’ and she just stuck out in my mind.”

So it only takes living near Kyle to be considered for the show. Duly noted.

Despite only meeting once, Annemarie made a very favorable impression on Kyle.

Kyle reached out first

“I reached out to her about joining the show and she was very nice, very outspoken, really into her fitness and I just thought she was cool and she was very opinionated,” Kyle continued.

That doesn’t mean that Annemarie gets a passing score from Kyle for her freshman season. Rather, the child star thinks Annemarie “didn’t handle herself great in some of these situations.” Why? Morgan Wade’s biggest fan opined “You’ve got to see the balance of other things too.”

Jeff agreed that Annemarie’s initial tactic was miscalculated. “I think it was a little too, for her to be a brand new housewife, you have to ingratiate yourself,” he said.

“That’s hard. She came in hot,” Kyle agreed.

Rather than “Bond with the girls,” and “form friendships,” Annemarie seemed laser-focused on putting Sutton in the hot seat.

“You can’t go after them right away and then what I’m noticing too is the other girls who have relationships are defending Sutton,” Jeff added.

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