Kyle Capener reacts to his behavior in Big Brother house: 'I own it'

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Kyle Capener was riding high when both he and his showmance partner Alyssa Snider reentered the Big Brother house after surviving Dyre Fest. Things got even better when his new Afterparty alliance mate Matthew Turner won Head of Household, seemingly guaranteeing his safety for yet another week. And then everything came crashing down.

With two Leftovers on the block, and another likely to go up after Veto winner Michael Bruner would save his ride-or-die Brittany Hoopes, Michael and Brittany decided to inform the rest of the house about Kyle's actions a few weeks prior, when he repeatedly worried to them about a new diversity-based alliance forming in the same mold as the previous season's Cookout.

The news rocked the house, leading to raw conversations, apologies, and many, many tears — as well as a consensus that Kyle should be the next to go. And go he did, in a unanimous 5-0 vote during Thursday's live eviction episode.

How does Kyle feel now about his words? What steps does he plan to take next in light of his actions? And will he address it when he meets up with Joseph in the jury house? We asked the 29-year-old all that and more the morning after his elimination. (Also read our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen Moonves, who weighs in on the events of the past week.)

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Kyle Capener on 'Big Brother'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously, we need to talk about your comments surrounding race that led to your departure. You not only assumed there would be an alliance based on race, but at one point you also described Monte, Taylor, and Joseph as "loud," which does not really seem to describe them at all. What do you make now of those assumptions and descriptions?

KYLE CAPENER: So mid-game, I definitely made some generalized thoughts and comments that had no foundation at all, and I deeply regret. They never should have brought up in Big Brother 24. And I hate that I'm the person that has to have that self-reflection time. I talked with everyone in the house, and they've all been so open and so willing to help me through this process and help me see it from their perspective and share experiences that have been eye opening to me. And I now own it moving forward after the game. It's up to me to continue that process, continue finding resources, and having those conversations moving forward.

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Kyle Capener and the cast of 'Big Brother' season 24

What is your take on the way Monte, Taylor, and Terrance handled the news of what you said?

Monte, Taylor, and Terrance are some of the most amazing individuals that I've ever met. They shared their experiences. They were so candid and open. And Terrance, from the first day he pulled me aside, he was the first one who sat me down and shared his love and compassion for me. And so I will be forever grateful for their example to me, their support of what I'm going through, and the future journey that I have yet to embark on. So forever grateful for those three.

How do you plan to handle this situation with Joseph when you get to the Jury House?

It's pretty simple. I think I will just be as open and honest as I can and lay out the facts as they are.

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener on 'Big Brother'

How much of your game do you think you self-sabotaged by being in a showmance with Alyssa?

I knew coming into Big Brother that a showmance puts an unnecessary target on your back. So I was trying to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, Big Brother lined up the absolute perfect girl for me and I was helpless from the beginning. So near the end, I definitely was prioritizing my relationship with Alyssa way more than anything else in the game.

Finally, you asked Monte and Terrance at one point for advice on how to proceed after all this. What are your next steps in terms of looking at any implicit biases you may have?

First off, I'm going to the Jury House and can continue to have these conversations, even with the people there. And even as more people come in. So that's the first step. And then leaving the Jury House and leaving the game, the responsibility is then on me to continue having conversations, learning from other people's experiences, and finding resources moving forward.

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