Kung Fu Panda 4 skadooshes Dune: Part Two at the weekend box office

Kung Fu Panda 4
Kung Fu Panda 4
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As predicted earlier in the weekend, Kung Fu Panda 4 has maintained its lead against Dune: Part Two for a second week in a row, but only by the tiniest margin—as in, less than $1 million. Panda 4 made $30 million, bringing it to a solid $107 million after just two weeks, while the Dune sequel made $29.1 million, bringing it to $205 million after three weeks. Movies are back!

Rounding out the top five, and waaaayyyy behind the top two, are Mark Wahlberg dog movie Arthur The King (debuting at $7.5 million), imaginary friend horror movie Imaginary ($19 million total after two weeks), and Churchy-leaning biopic Cabrini ($13 million after two weeks). In sixth place, after a thrilling surge of popularity, is Love Lies Bleeding. It jumped from 21st place to sixth and increased its gross by 1,548 percent! It only made $2.4 million, because it only played on a couple of screens last week and is now playing at over 1,000, but hey: We’re talkin’ about it, aren’t we?

Outside of the top five, Bob Marley: One Love is somehow still hanging on, newcomers One Life and The American Society Of Magical Negroes failed to do much business (though they’re both on limited screens), and Ordinary Angels has stuck around for a fourth week. Elsewhere on the box office charts, Oppenheimer started playing in a handful of new theaters again after winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards last week, but it barely made any additional money. Maybe it’s just not the right weekend for Cillian Murphy to be playing an American? It feels heretical.

Here’s the top 10 again from Box Office Mojo in list format.

  1. Kung Fu Panda 4

  2. Dune: Part Two

  3. Arthur The King

  4. Imaginary

  5. Cabrini

  6. Love Lies Bleeding

  7. Bob Marley: One Love

  8. One Life

  9. The American Society Of Magical Negroes

  10. Ordinary Angels