KSI Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

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KSI takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. What does KSI stand for? Does KSI like Dragon Ball Z? Will he join WWE? Is he a millionaire? Is he lactose intolerant? What's his boxing walk-up song? KSI answers all these questions and much more! Watch KSI on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/@jjolatunji https://www.youtube.com/@ksi https://www.youtube.com/@Sidemen

Video Transcript

- It's your boy, KSI, and yes, I am on WIRED.

Wow, I made it.

This is the WIRED Autocomplete Interview.

[upbeat cheerful music] [laughs] What, people Googled this?

[laughs] [upbeat cheerful music] "What is KSI mean?"

Knowledge, strength, and integrity, that is my name.

I just stole it from my Halo clan.

I used to play Halo 3 a lot.

I loved Halo 3.

I loved it so much that I decided to join a clan.

So my name used to just be on the Xbox, OlajideBT.

My actual name is Olajide Olatunji.

I also go by JJ, because it stands for Jide Jr.

So I'm the junior of my dad.

So my dad is called Jide.

"What did KSI do before YouTube?"

Not a lot, if I'm being honest.

[laughs] I tried to work for McDonald's and they said I was overqualified.

Take that as you will.

[laughs] "What does KSI put in his water?"

[laughs] So I drink a lot of water.

I try to drink at least four liters a day.

I recommend people to always drink water, stay hydrated.

I drink water, drink Prime, etc.

Just you have to drink a lot of liquids because I feel like a lot of people are very dehydrated and forget that how important water is because you are what, 80% plus water.

So if you're not giving yourself water then you're just gonna always have headaches and there's a a lot of things.

So drink water.


"What was KSI childhood like?"

It was cool.

It was like they had rough times.

My parents worked very, very hard.

Had to probably have two jobs, at times just to get me into private school.

Were in a lot of debt.

Yeah, no, my parents are very loving, and yeah we have a very good relationship.

Even better now.

"What is KSI boxing?"

I guess some people look at my technique and go, "That's not boxing."

[laughs] Basically, I hit people and they go down most of the time.

A lot of it is like cardio, cardio, cardio, cardio.

Cardio is king.

If your cardio is there, then you can literally do anything.

I do a lot of like treadmill running a lot of running around the city, the VersaClimber a lot.

I go on the bike, I do weight training here and there.

I shadow boxing.

Yeah, there's a lot that I do but it's all like at intense levels.

"What is KSI strength?"

I guess punching people.

[chuckles] I guess that's, that's one of my strengths.

I love working hard.

I always push myself more and more and more.

And there's times where a lot of people would give up and I'm the one still going.

So yeah, I guess that's one of my strengths.

Consistency, people.

That's the way to do it.

All right, anyway.


"What does KSI use to edit videos?"

I don't edit videos anymore.

It was Sony Vegas.

I might have got it legally [laughs] back in the day.

"What was KSI first job?"


That's the first thing that paid me.

So yeah, I guess YouTube.

"What was KSI ring walk song?"

The fight with me and Joe Weller, the ring walk was "Uncontrollable" featuring Big Zuu.

The first fight with me and Logan Paul was "On Point," the second song with me and Logan Paul was "Down like that" featuring Rick Ross, Lil Baby, and S-X.

And then my recent fight against Temperrr I faced Temperrr was "Easy".

It's a bit of a banger.

Might even have a feature on it [clicks tongue] if you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

"What did KSI get in his GCSEs?"

Five As, three Bs, and a C. I'm actually pretty proud of that.

Way better than my A Levels.

[chuckles] "What is KSI personality type?"

I'm a cheery guy, pretty relaxed, introverted.

I love my own space.

So after a certain amount of time I feel like I need to recharge [laughs] and just be on my wands.

Or a lot of times I just, you know just stay on my phone and just don't talk a lot.

And that's just me just recharging and just chilling.

"What is KSI poppin challenge?"

Basically a song that I did with Lil Pump and Smokepurpp and we created a challenge where people were able to do their own verse on the actual song.

And I did a whole competition and I had a winner.

Crypt won the the competition.

His verse was nuts, his verse was fire.

Alright, sweet.

"Where is KSI Lamborghini?"

I've sold it.

I made a song called "Lamborghini".

It's on what, a hundred plus million views.

Basically, I managed to make enough money to buy a Lamborghini.

Shoutout FIFA coins, if you know, you know and I remember I was in the studio with Sway just shouting this chorus La Lamborghini La Lamborghini [beep] I know you see me In my Lamborghini [laughs] "Where is KSI album in the charts?"

So my first album, "Dissimulation", got number two in the UK charts and then my second album managed to get number one.

So yeah, I got a nice little official charts plaque.

It's just chilling in my house.

Yeah, I'm proper like proud of that.

It's a sick moment and you know big up my fans for listening and streaming, et cetera.

And I am very real fans so if my music sucks, they'll let me know.

Best believe.

Especially on Reddit.

"Where is KSI in Wacky Wizards?"

Well, even, I don't know this.

I think it's to do with Roblox, maybe.

I don't know.

All right.

"How did KSI get famous?"

Believe it or not, through FIFA.

I used to play FIFA back in the day.

That's where I started from on YouTube.

I'd just post FIFA clips of me doing skills and then I started talking about FIFA, started talking about how I hate the game and how EA need to improve it.

That's kind of where everything started from.

And then I decided to just go wild, and start punching people and you know, doing music big, [laughs] it's pretty mad.

"How did KSI float?"

It's a video idea with Racka Racka, and they're very talented, talented twins from Australia.

Basically in that video we did a a whole skit and at the end I start floating [laughs] floating in the air and basically I just used wires.

That was just it, there was just wires attached to me, and then they just got rid of it in post.

"How did KSI lose Bitcoin?"

When it comes to crypto, I've taken a massive L. Legit, I've just lost so much money.

I invested in Luna, but it was a coin that was destined for greatness.

To the moon.

It started dipping.

So I was like, oh, let me put... How much did I put in?

About two mil, and it just kept dipping.

It's still dipping.

And my two mil is now worth, [inhales sharply] think about 10 P. So yeah, fun times.

[laughs] Yep.

[laughs] "Does KSI Light Dragon Ball Z?"


Yes, yes, yes.

Dragon Ball.

I love the whole series.

Dragon Ball Super.

I don't like Dragon Ball GT.

I don't count that.

Yeah, I'm a massive Dragon Ball fan.

I love it.

"Will KSI join WWE?"

No, I have no business to be in the WWE.

Nope, nope, nope.

"Does KSI have a jet?"


No, but I mean with the amount of money I'll be making with Pride, maybe.

"Will KSI fight Salt Papi?"

[laughs] Aye you never know man.

You never know what happens.

If it makes sense in the future for me to fight Salt Papi, then it will be done.

"Does KSI have a bodyguard?"


Big boy Steve.

He just rolls with me everywhere I go.

"Will KSI laugh?"

Some people think my laugh is fake.

A lot of the times my laugh is just genuine and I'm just a guy that laughs a lot because I don't take life too seriously, honestly.


"Is KSI a millionaire?"


Oh yes.

Come on.

[laughs] I've been doing YouTube for like what 10 plus years and look at all the things I have going on.

Music, boxing, Prime, Sideman, XIX.

Like the list goes on.

"Is KSI lactose intolerant?"

Yes, I am.

"Is KSI bilingual?"

I wish.

That would be so sick.

I know a few Spanish words.

[speaks in Spanish] Yeah, I think that would get me quite far in Spain.

"Was KSI on 'Bake Off'?"


And I was terrible.

I was atrocious.

You get to see my red hair.

Honestly, what they told me to bake isn't what I made.

"Was KSI on 'Love Island?'"

I personally wasn't on it, but my music was.

I think quite a few of my songs have been on "Love Island" I think "Not Over Yet" has been on "Love Island".

"Don't Play", featuring Anne-Marie was on "Love Island".

"Really Love" featuring Craig David was on "Love Island".

Oh, oh my God.

"Patience" featuring Yungblud and Polo G. Anyway, that has been me on WIRED.

[laughs] [cheerful music]