Kristin Cavallari: ‘I Really Feel Like I’m Living the Dream’


Kristin Cavallari rocks some of her new jewelry designs. (Photo: Courtesy of Emerald Duv)

Kristin Cavallari may have gotten her start on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but reality TV is currently the furthest thing from her mind.

Aside from raising three youngsters with her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Cavallari has been focusing her efforts on fashion design. The 29-year-old TV star turned entrepreneur has a shoe line with Chinese Laundry, and now she’s taking a stab at designing jewelry. Cavallari and her best friend, Chelsea Bulte, recently collaborated on Emerald Duv, a line of gold-plated West Coast-inspired accessories.

“We wanted something that would easily mix and match with everything you already have in your closet,” says Cavallari, who refers to the collection as minimalistic. “We have some classic timeless pieces that really will work forever, great layering pieces — like our stackable rings and a few trendy items like chokers.”


Cavallari sports more pieces from the Emerald Duv collection. (Photo: Instagram)

It’s safe to say Cavallari has found her true calling in the fashion world.

“Growing up, I always wanted to do it but I didn’t think it was realistic,” she tells Yahoo Celebrity of her design career. “And the fact that I do Emerald Duv with one of my best friends is so fun. We make all the rules and do whatever we want, and it’s really great to be able to have that freedom. I really feel like I’m living the dream.”

And with her newfound passion comes a better sense of style.

“I used to see different stylists over the years, and I would let them put me in whatever they wanted, even though it wasn’t really me,” she says. “In the last few years, I’ve finally found my style. I’m all about simplicity. I think basics can go so far and all you need are great accessories. And that’s why the shoes and the jewelry are so much fun for me, because they can make or break an outfit.”

One ensemble in particular that Cavallari looks back on remorsefully is the dress she wore to the 2010 Salt premiere. “It was extremely low cut, and it had these spikes and jewels on the shoulders, and it was just a gray really short dress,” she recalls. “I love my publicist to death. He’s a flaming gay guy who loves that kind of stuff. I listened to him and I wore it and I was so uncomfortable.”


Cavallari is not a fan of this look. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cavallari isn’t attending red carpet premieres as much anymore since making the move to the Midwest in support of her husband’s pro football career.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that, living in Chicago I feel like my career suffers a little bit just because I am completely out of the limelight,” she explains. “But I would so much rather be with my family and essentially be a stay-at-home mom. It’s all worth it. I just try to just focus on that and just be thankful for everything that I have.”

While she hasn’t completely suppressed the acting bug, Cavallari reveals that it would take a lot for her to pursue a career in Hollywood and engage in the “brutal” world of casting calls.

“With three kids, it’s too hard right now,” she says. “Maybe down the line, but right now I’m definitely not auditioning or seeking it out.”

Still, the budding entrepreneur struggles with the concept of attempting to have it all.

“You have to just accept the fact that you can’t do everything perfectly,” Cavallari says, noting that she does feel a little guilty whenever she is traveling for work and has to leave her family behind.


Cavallari cuddled up to her main squeeze, Jay Cutler, on their anniversary. (Photo: Instagram)

Though Cavallari gave birth to her daughter, Saylor, only seven months ago, you’d never know it. While most celebrity moms will credit their fit post-baby bods to simply chasing around their children and breastfeeding, Cavallari keeps it real. “I wish it was that easy!” she exclaims. “I work out four times a day. I’m lifting weights with a trainer three days a week, and then I do a hot yoga on the fourth day.”

Healthy eating is also a big priority in her household, so much so that she’d like to soon start working on a cookbook.

“I want to show people that you can eat everything as long as you use the right ingredients,” she explains. “I would have enchiladas and meatballs, everything in there, but the difference is, the ingredients would be wholesome.”

While she’s strict with her diet, Cavallari hasn’t gone full Gwyneth Paltrow. “I eat healthy, I’d say, 80 percent of the time, but I indulge when I go out to eat or I’m on vacation. That way I’m able to keep on track and say sane.”


Cavallari’s crew sits on the sidelines: (from left) Saylor, Camden, and Jackson. (Photo: Instagram)

And as far as motherhood is concerned, Cavallari considers it to be her greatest adventure yet.

“They are growing up so fast,” she says of her kids while disclosing their latest milestones. “Saylor has her bottom two teeth now, which is very exciting. And she just started eating food, so that’s been fun. And Jackson, I think, is officially potty trained. He hasn’t been wearing diapers, except for at nighttime, which is awesome. But he and Camden, when they are out in the backyard, they’ll just pee in the grass. And I’m OK with it,” she says with a laugh. “You have to pick your battles.”