Kristin Cavallari Reveals New BF Mark Estes Met Her Kids on 1st Date: They’re ‘Excited About Him’

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Kristin Cavallari is spilling all the tea about her relationship with Mark Estes. The former reality star opened up about her 13-year age gap with the TikTok star and dished on his relationship with her three kids.

Mark, 24, met Kristin’s kids and her mom when he picked her up for their first date the day before Valentine’s Day, the Uncommon James founder revealed on the Tuesday, March 12, episode of her “Let’s Be Honest” podcast. Kristin, 37, shares her kids, Camden, 11, Jaxon, 9, and Saylor, 8, with ex-husband Jay Cutler

“My kids [previously] met one person [I dated] for literally five minutes. [It] was a musician because they were really excited and big fans of him. [Mark] is the real first guy I’d say they met,” Kristin revealed. “The boys were like, ‘Can I show you my room?’ He’s up there with my kids, seeing their rooms. My boys were so excited about him. I think, more than anything, my kids are really excited for me. My kids really want to see me happy.”

kristin cavallaris bf mark estes met her kids on 1st date
kristin cavallaris bf mark estes met her kids on 1st date

Since Kristin and Jay’s split in 2020, the Laguna Beach alum has “separated” her dating life from her kids, but seeing their excitement over Mark changed her feelings. “After the first time meeting the kids, Camden was begging me for [Mark’s] number,” Kristin dished. “Camden has very strong opinions about everyone I dated. He’s like, ‘I hate him,’ to a guy he’s never even met. He loves [Mark].”

Mark agreed to exchange numbers with Kristin’s son and has been “texting [him] all day, every day since.” 

Kristin made it clear on the podcast that she “doesn’t give a f--k” about what people think about her new relationship. She also said this relationship is “different” from anything else she’s experienced in the past.

The pair’s love story began back in September 2023 when Kristin “stumbled upon” Mark and his friends’ Montana Boyz TikTok account. She said she thought Mark was the “hottest guy [she’d] ever seen” after watching some of the videos. Three weeks later, she randomly got a message from the guys that said, “I love you.” She asked the trio to come on her podcast and found out they were moving to Nashville, which is where she lives.

Things didn’t progress from there until December when Kristin messaged the Montana Boyz during a night out in New York City. After a little back and forth, she found out Mark was the person who was responding to her messages, which prompted her to reply, “Oh, good, you’re my favorite.”

“We just started talking from there,” The Hills star continued. “I still did not think anything would ever happen.” They met in person for the first time when Kristin invited the Montana Boyz for a night out in Nashville with some girls from her office. Mark asked the mom of three to be his Valentine and she agreed, which led to their first date on February 13. “We went to dinner and it was very sweet,” the Los Angeles native shared. “We were making out in my driveway. I felt like I was in high school and I walked in to my mom and Jaxon [inside].”

From there, they “just started hanging out all the time,” Kristin revealed. Mark even joined her on a work trip to Mexico at the end of February, which is when she hard-launched their relationship on Instagram. 

“Me dating a 24-year-old is not something I was searching [for],” she insisted. “It’s not something I ever thought would happen. I understand what it looks like to the outside world [but] he’s not a typical 24-year-old.” Aside from just being physically attracted to Mark, Kristin said she quickly realized that “he’s actually a really nice, good guy. From the jump he was so sweet to me.”

Kristin admitted that “the age thing was a hang up” for her at first, but she said she’s now “all in” with her man. “When this news came out, it’s the first time in my entire life I 100 percent haven’t given a shit about what anybody thinks,” she confirmed. “I know that I’m happy. I know how he really is. I know what this is.” 

The two have also “had a lot of conversations” about their age difference. “I’m following his lead on this,” she concluded. “He’s in a place where he’s ready for a relationship. So here we f--king are.” She also said, “This is the first time I’ve been excited about someone since my divorce.”