Has Kristen Wiig Has Plastic Surgery? See the Actress’ Transformation and What She’s Revealed

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Kristen Wiig shot to fame when she joined Saturday Night Live in 2005. Her ability to morph into iconic characters made her a beloved cast member, and she launched a successful movie career amid her SNL success. But has the actress ever undergone plastic surgery?

The Zoolander 2 star made rare comments about the topic during a 2016 interview with reporter Kjersti Flaa while promoting the film. After the journalist complimented her character, she noted how "there are people trying so desperately to look young" that they overdo plastic surgery, just like Kristen's character did with her overly filled cheeks and lips.

"It's a balance ... you know when people are older and get some little things done, if you want to do it, do it," the Bridesmaids star said about cosmetic work. She added, "But I've noticed younger kids that do it, it makes them look older."