Kristen Doute Reveals Close Bond With Ariana Madix Post-Scandoval

(Photo by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic)
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic)

Kristen Doute had a very niche fanbase when she was on Vanderpump Rules. She was basically the CIA, the NSA, and Bo Dietl all rolled up into one nice, dysfunctional package.

Nobody was nuttier than Crazy Kristen and no one knew it better than Ariana Madix. When Ari first came over from Villa Blanca, the rumor mill buzzed about a supposed hook-up with Tom Sandoval. A new breed of hate was born and Sandoval eventually dumped Kristen for Ariana.

But time heals all wounds and Ariana and Kristen settled into a nice little friendship. Then Scandoval came along and leveled their relationship up several notches. Now Kristen speaks on the bond she has with Ariana after the fallout of Tom’s other affair. The Messenger has the scoop.

The best thing Kristen and Ariana got out of being with Tom was each other

Kristen did weird things and paid for it with her job at SUR, her friends, and eventually her slot on Pump Rules. That said, she’s grown up a lot and come a long way from drinking on camera and bringing the drama for kicks. She’s even tip-toeing back into reality television with the still-unnamed VPR spinoff.

She and Ariana have also come a long way from evil side-eyes across a crowded table – and they have Tom to thank for it. “We both went through the exact same thing. If anything, it’s just so unfortunate that she had to go through it later in life because it’s not really fair to her. Tom, [when] do you just become a better version of yourself and stop repeating your mistakes?”

They kissed and made up, but no one saw it

While Kristen and Ariana’s friendship might be unlikely, they did work things out on camera before Kristen was fired. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut to air because I guess Bravo feels healing moments aren’t episode-worthy. “I think that frustrated both Ariana and I was like, ‘Well, we had this amazing evolution of what the hell happened, and why didn’t they air it?’ We’re not really sure. But as people can see, that’s one of my closest buddies,” Kristen added.

Now that Sandoval is officially out of the picture, except still living with Ariana but that is a whole other ordeal – Kristen finally met Daniel Wai. ”I love Daniel,” she shared. “He’s adorable. He’s so sweet. He makes her happy, he makes her laugh. He makes her smile, and that is all I care about.”

Kristen currently has a podcast with her man, Luke Broderick. She’s also still selling her James Mae clothing line. Let’s not forget she’s teaming back up with Jax Taylor on the new show. Hopefully all copies of the movie Drive have been destroyed so no one is burdened by temptation.


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