Kristen Bell Struggles to Be Nice on ‘The Good Place’

On Thursday night’s The Good Place, Kristen Bell’s character, Eleanor, had a hard time proving she belonged. When Michael (Ted Danson) informed her that the point total she accumulated for the good things she did on Earth was way below the average, Eleanor decided to do something about it. But she didn’t get off to the best start. Eleanor immediately said, “I’m gonna do nice things for every goober in this place until my point total is so high I can rub it in all their smug faces,” which cost her another five points.

Eleanor threw a party for all the people she had wronged in the Good Place to try to get on their good side, but it wasn’t going well. The guests agreed that the party was nice and appreciated what Eleanor was trying to do, but it didn’t change what she had done to them. And when they asked her, “What can you possibly say to us that’ll make up for your actions?” Eleanor responded with, “Pobody’s nerfect.” Everyone started laughing at Eleanor’s cute word play, but that didn’t lower her negative score, and that’s when she decided that she might not belong in the Good Place.

The episode ended with the dreaded Judge Shawn showing up to decide Eleanor’s outcome, but she hopped on his train and headed to the Medium Place. So fans will have to wait until next week’s season finale to find out what happens.

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

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