Kristen Bell Has Only Seen 'Frozen' 4 Times, Daughter 'Didn't Like It'

If you have children in your home and they like movies, chances are you’ve screened Disney’s 2013 mega-hit Frozen for them… again and again and again and again.

Amazingly, Kristen Bell — a mother of two daughters who voices the sweet but impetuous Princess Anna of Arendelle in the film — revealed to Yahoo Movies that she has only seen the infectious animated musical four times. “They don’t really watch TV yet,” Bell said of her girls while promoting her new comedy, The Boss. “The 3-year-old [Lincoln], we showed it to her on a sick day about a month ago, she didn’t like it. She said, ‘I would rather not watch this.’ It was a little too scary for her, I think.” (By contrast, I also have a 3-year-old daughter, and we’ve watched Frozen at least 74 times, so I have Bell beat by at least 70 viewings.)

“I think I’m [in] the only household with kids that’s not inundated with Frozen stuff,” said Bell, who’s married to actor-director Dax Shepard (Parenthood, the upcoming action-comedy CHiPs).

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Bell also gave us an update on Frozen 2, which will also feature the return of costars Idina Menzel (as Anna’s sister Elsa), Josh Gad (zany snowman Olaf), and Jonathan Groff (Anna’s beau, Kristoff), though very little else is known about the plot at this point. “They’re writing it right now, we’re about to start recording,” she said. “They’ve been working on it for quite some, and that particular team [headed by co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee], they don’t settle. I know a little bit about the story. I have no doubt that it will be as watchable as Frozen 1.”

So get ready to watch Frozen 2 over and over and over and over…

Frozen 2 is slated to open in 2018. The Boss hits theaters April 8. Watch the trailer: