Kris Jenner gets asked about Kim Kardashian's sex tape while hooked up to a lie detector test

On The Late Late Show Thursday night, Kris Jenner willingly let host James Corden hook her up to a lie detector test while he and Kylie Jenner proceeded to ask her some burning questions.

Kylie started off with an easy question for her mother, asking if she is Kris's favorite child. And while it was well known that Kim Kardashian, for years, had been her favorite, it's no secret that her youngest has since become her new shining star. Kris answered with a firm "yes," to which the polygraph examiner John stated "true." Corden was not only shocked by the fact that Kris was able to pick a favorite child, but also by the speed at which she answered.

The host then took things up a notch as he bravely asked, "Did you help Kim release her sex tape?"

Despite the famous momager constantly shutting down the rumors, it has long been believed by some that Kris was behind the leak of Kim's sex tape with Ray J. And on Thursday, she stayed true to her word, answering," No." After a few tense seconds, and some gasps from the audience, the polygraph examiner confirmed her answer was true.

"Thank you," exclaimed Kris. "We cleared that up!"

So with that, Kris hoped the rumor had finally been put to rest. And while she was at it, she was able to also clear up another heated topic – Kim did not rip the Marilyn Monroe dress she borrowed for the Met Gala.

Kris excitingly stated, "See? We're clearing everything up today. I like this game!"

The Late Late Show With James Corden airs weeknights at 12:37 p.m. on CBS.

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