Konnan On Dominik Mysterio’s Heel Character: I Didn’t Think He Had It In Him

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Konnan praises Dominik Mysterio and notes that he never imagined him as the character he currently plays in WE.

Dominik Mysterio is Konnan’s godson, as the legendary wrestler goes way back with his father, Rey Mysterio. Konnan is often credited as a vital player in launching Rey’s wrestling career.

Speaking with MuscleManMalcolm, Konnan was asked whether he imagined Dominik would grow into the character he now has as member of The Judgment Day. He noted that he didn’t see it coming because Rey and his wife, Angie, raised Dominik to be a naturally nice person.

“No, no, especially not as a heel because he’s like Rey,” Konnan said. “You know how you meet guys that are naturally nice guys, like they don’t really have any malice? Rey’s like that, and Dom’s like that because he raised him like that, him and his Angie, his wife. Aliyah’s the same way. He’s my godson, bro. I love him to death, just like I love Rey. He’s my little brother.”

Konnan continued by describing how Dominik wasn’t quite sure who his character was supposed to be when he was teaming up with Rey. He noted that Dominik hit the ground running when he joined The Judgment Day, and he has gotten over “like a million bucks” since then.

“I didn’t think he had this in him, bro,” Konnan said. “I remember him going, ‘Oh, people always ask me what’s my gimmick supposed to be?’ What would my character do?’ This was when he was with Rey. He’d go, ‘But what is my character?’ I go, ‘Yeah, you’re right, bro. You need to break away from Rey because it was cool at the beginning, but now it’s like you’re [in] training wheels.’

“Whatever happened, WWE must have seen something in him to put him in with the Judgment Day, with people that have more name and experience than him. I was thinking, alright he’s gonna learn. Rey [taught] him some stuff. But nah, he came out of the boxes running, that whole Prison Dom got over like a million bucks. Just the fact that he’s being disrespectful to his dad, who’s universally loved, yeah, I’m super happy, bro.”

Konnan recently confirmed that Rey Mysterio asked him to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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