'Kong: Skull Island' TV Spots Demands We 'All Hail the King' (Updated)



(Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the additional TV spots released Friday.)

Of all the larger-than-life stars set to headline 2017’s tentpole releases, perhaps none is quite as towering over the spring as King Kong, the legendary island ape known and loved since 1933 for climbing skyscrapers and swatting planes out of the sky. While it doesn’t seem like he’ll be scaling any metropolitan heights in his next outing, Kong: Skull Island, the upcoming film’s new TV spot (watch it above) makes clear he most definitely will be smashing any and all aircraft that dares attack him. Besides showing off his formidable helicopter-decimating skills, the clip also highlights new Kong’s readiness to rumble with the rest of his homeland’s monstrous residents.

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In “Reign,” the first of four 30-second teases for Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s upcoming film released Friday, we see John Goodman inform government officials that WWII-era U.S. nuclear weapons testing was actually a covert attempt to annihilate Kong and his island’s titanic residents, and Samuel L. Jackson’s explorer proclaim a desire to assert man’s dominion over his animal brethren. It appears that Kong has other ideas about who’s on top of the evolutionary food chain, though — and that he’s ready, per the spot’s tagline, to have “All Hail the King.”

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Warner Bros. also released a clip called “Breath,” featuring John C. Reilly proclaiming, “We’re all going to die out here,” along with shots of Kong and the other monstrosities of Skull Island.

“Cavalry” is all action, the team of humans giving it everything they have versus Skull Island’s most ferocious denizens “from a bygone time.”

Finally, there’s “The Island,” which, as the title suggests, introduces the wonder and terror of Skull Island, and sets up Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston as heroes trying to save Kong from the Jackson-led squad that wants to take down the ginormous primate.

Also featuring Shea Whigham, John Ortiz, and Toby Kebbell, Kong: Skull Island looks like a promising start to what Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are hoping will be a Kong-Godzilla-King of the Monsters trilogy. We’ll know if the ageless ape is ready to reclaim the cinematic spotlight when the film opens in theaters on March 10.

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