Kody and His Family Are Exposed to COVID-19 in Sister Wives Clip

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Kody and His Family Are Exposed to COVID-19 in Sister Wives Clip

This was one birthday present the Brown family didn't want anyone to bring to the party.

Sister Wives' Robyn and Kody Brown celebrated their daughter Ariella's birthday on Jan.10, and she wanted the entire family to be there for her party. In order to do so, everyone got tested for COVID-19 beforehand.

But in an E! News exclusive clip of the Jan. 23 episode, Robyn explains that the fun and games didn't last long. The day after the party, her nanny's husband tested positive and the day after that, the nanny herself tested positive as well.

"We got everybody together." Robyn says in the video. "If it had just been me and my kids doing Ari's birthday party at our house, the only point of exposure we would have had to worry about was whether or not Kody was going somewhere."

She continues, "Right now there's a possibility that we all have COVID."

"I don't want that to make us all go, 'Okay, well we can't do this anymore.'"

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As the clip continues, Kody adds, "The first thing that happened when Robyn told me this is I'm going, 'Holy cow, she's been doing everything right, how did she get exposed to COVID?'"

"I'm going, 'This virus is just scary,'" he shares.

"This just validates Kody," Robyn says. "That, you know, maybe getting together is too much of a risk...I'm just praying that we're okay."

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Earlier in the season, Kody laid out strict COVID rules for his wives Robyn, Janelle, Christine and Meri—the "Rules for Family Social Exposure"—which included "wear mask in public" and "no movie theaters, bars, fitness center, or restaurants." This has been a source of tension in the family because the wives and kids all have different opinions about how strict they need to be with COVID precautions.

Watch the full video above and tune in to Sister Wives when it airs Jan. 23 on TLC.

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