How Kody Brown’s Political Donations Put His Family At Risk

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Sister Wives fans have grown tired of hearing Kody Brown constantly complain about how everyone else in the Brown family ruined his relationships. What we would love to see is Kody taking a hard look in the mirror and accepting some form of blame. Since hell hasn’t frozen over just yet, it looks doubtful TLC viewers will get their wish. Much like a Kingdom, and unlike the political world, Kody tries to run his family like a monarchy and less like a democracy. If you don’t kiss the ring, you are out, no matter if you are Kody’s wife or child.

However, whether he’s earned that kind of power is extremely debatable. Recently, Kody Brown’s political donations have raised eyebrows because of the way they put his family in jeopardy.

Does Kody Have Money Problems?

Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Meri Brown of Sister Wives
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Recently, viewers were heartbroken to see Janelle Brown crying over her financial woes. Even though the mother of six is more than ready to flee the family homestead, the lack of a stand-alone income is giving her pause for concern. Kody always claimed that each wife got the same opportunities to buy homes, but his words don’t ring true. Kody has stalled from building out on Coyote Pass for multiple seasons, blaming the family’s financial woes.

Janelle has been the only member of the Browns to be vocal about the idea of building on the family land, saying, “We moved to Flagstaff, and we bought this property. We had a vision we would all build on it. The way that we were able to buy it is we paid mostly cash for it.” Viewers learned the family took out a private mortgage and only recently paid off the debt on the land.

Kody Is a MAGA Fan

Kody Brown

The US Sun recently revealed that Kody actually has a lot of extra cash to splash around, and he isn’t using it on his remaining spouses. Instead, Kody had donated over $6,500 to the Republican party, including Donald Trump’s campaign. The outlet shared that according to the Federal Election Commission, Kody made 40 contributions from July 2, 2020, to August 23, 2023, hoping to make his voice heard.

Kody and Trump Have a Lot in Common

Kody Brown

It is no surprise that Kody is a Trumpster, but the revelation makes it even harder for me to watch the series. Both men actually act a lot alike. For years, Kody’s anger has been called into question as fans have pointed out how delusional, and irrational he is. Lately, though, it is Kody’s anger that reminds people of the Trump years. I know I am going to get heat in the comments, but many extreme right-wingers come across as pissed off with the world, just like Grody Kody.

Kody, in my opinion, is a major representation of who MAGA followers are, and you can’t fix his level of narcissism. Kody is just one of many who have drunk the Kool-Aid, that makes them think they are superior and everyone else is wrong in their line of thinking. Honestly, Kody reminds me so much of Trump. Both throw wicked tantrums, call women mean names, and talk about issues they have not been educated on.

Kody Is Betting It All on a Losing Game

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Kody is more than happy to invest in others’ careers and lives instead of those he claims to love. The patriarch’s donations have put his family at risk of losing a lot more than a race for the White House. Janelle has been speaking out in her confessionals, claiming she would have stayed with Kody if he was willing to put her first, especially when it came to making sure she was financially secure.

Even though Kody often refers to himself as Hollywood Elite, he is nothing more than a deadbeat father who ran away from his responsibilities. Just because you can get yourself a reservation at the Long Horn Steakhouse doesn’t mean you’ve made it big. The politicians he is supporting don’t care about him, and most Republicans actually don’t love Hollywood or polygamists to begin with, so Kody is up a creek with no paddle.

He is no longer a family man with religious values, which his Republican counterparts pride themselves on, so in the end, Kody is going to end up poorer than he already is and lonelier than ever.


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