Kodak Black Says 21 Savage Changed After Making ‘Her Loss’ Album With Drake

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Kodak Black has accused 21 Savage of changing his behavior following the release of Her Loss, the latter rapper’s collaborative album with Drake.

During Kodak’s recent appearance on Drink Champs, the Florida native was asked by N.O.R.E. to pick between Future and 21 Savage, which prompted Kodak to express his belief that the Atlanta rep began acting strange.

He added that he felt 21 Savage was conducting himself in a manner as if the pair didn’t have a relationship prior to his uptick in success after the release of Her Loss. The project achieved commercial success, topping the Billboard 200 and marking 21’s most successful release of his career.

“Drake just got a certain little effect he do to muthaf**kers and sh*t,” Kodak said of the Canadian hitmaker. “After the album they did together, all the sudden, that n***a on that pu**y a** sh*t. You vocalize it for real on the ‘Gram, on the internet, like you ain’t never vibe with me and sh*t.”

On Sunday (Oct. 29), 21 Savage responded to a post of a clip from Kodak’s Drink Champs interview airing his grievances about him, simply responding to him with a string of “cap” emojis. He later took to social media to further address Kodak, claiming that the two were never “friends” and accusing Kodak of being the one whose actions switched up after the release of Her Loss.

“Why the hell you always dragging sh*t tryna make it seem like we got a problem or it’s deeper than what the f**k it is, bruh?” the Grammy-nominated rapper began. “It ain’t nothing, let it go!”

21 Savage Performing Onstage
21 Savage performs at the Sahara Tent at 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival weekend 1 – day 2 on April 16, 2022 in Indio, California.

“What changed? ‘Cause I said I felt like I’d beat everybody who’s on the Freshman cover? I’m supposed to feel like that, ni**a!,” he added, referring to a previous statement he made in regards to his fellow XXL Freshman. “It really be sounding like you jealous or some sh*t… I don’t give a damn who a ni**a do music with; that ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

He continued, adding, “Just stop capping. You got in your feelings. You switched up after I did an album with Drake, that’s what happened. And you be talking too much on the internet, you always saying sh*t. Shut up sometimes… I don’t even f**king know you like that. We didn’t grow up together, we never went through nothing together… I used to support the f**k out of you, scream ‘free’ you ’cause I f**ked with you. But you just started acting weird, ni**a.”

21 Savage then alluded to Kodak Black’s reasoning behind him recording a song with 6ix9ine, a known informant, as another reason why he’s less than fond of the Sniper Gang leader. “And we don’t got the same morals neither,” the “A Lot” rapper said. “You not my type of ni**a anyway. Y’all ni**as will let money change y’all… I stand on what I stand on; can’t no amount of money make me do certain sh*t. Stop speaking on me.”

Kodak also previously said that he no longer wanted to collaborate with Drake because he didn’t fulfill previous plans to record a joint album themselves.

“I had told Drake I don’t wanna do no collab,” the 27-year-old said during a livestream February 2023. “No songs or no album. ‘Cause we supposed to done did a whole album before him a lil’ buddy.. Before him and lil’ buddy did that sh*t, I had told him I wanted to wait [until] like, 2023. Like, after February.”

Kodak Black’s Drink Champs interview has also created concern among his fans, as the rapper appeared to be under the influence of drugs and had incoherent, slurred speech throughout the episode.

Check out Kodak Black’s full Drink Champs episode below.

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