Kobe Bryant’s Hard-Hitting Interview by Kid Reporter on ‘Tonight Show’

Sports Illustrated for Kids reporter Max Bonnstetter stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to interview the legendary Kobe Bryant, and in 13-year-old fashion, he asked him about cartoons. When offered either Beauty and the Beast or Moana, Bryant launched into song, crooning “I’ve been staring at the edge of the water.”

But it seemed that Bryant was clearly a Moana fan — he went old-school with Beauty and the Beast just before Bonnstetter offered him golf or basketball. The clear choice for Bryant was basketball, but Bonnstetter made a considerable argument for golf, saying, “But golf is a sport you play for life.”

As Bryant considered his future golfing career, Bonnstetter asked him about who he sees in his nightmares, and Bryant said that he sees Shaquille O’Neal lip-synch-battling Fallon.

And in the end, Bryant’s answer to Bonnstetter’s final question showed that, for him, there’s no i in team, choosing a team championship over winning MVP.

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