What to Know About Sean Avery, the Controversial NFL Player Mary-Kate Olsen Was Spotted With

What to Know About Sean Avery, the Controversial NFL Player Mary-Kate Olsen Was Spotted With
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If you are slightly confused about why everyone's in a state of 😬 over Mary-Kate Olsen being spotted vacationing with Sean Avery on DeuxMoi, understandable. Truly no fan expected this. Regardless, gather around for a deep dive on Sean if you're curious, and fair warning that the vibes are...interesting.

Sean and Mary-Kate Go Way Back

These two dated allllll the way back in 2007, a simpler time when the world was busy listening to "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne and watching the original Gossip Girl. Their relationship didn't last—but they seemingly stayed friendly and were seen reuniting at an event in 2011:

mary kate and sean
Jason Kempin - Getty Images

Sean Is a (Retired) Professional Ice Hockey Player

And doesn't exactly have a great reputation for his behavior on or off the ice. Like, YouTube has multiple videos about his antics including one titled "Why Sean Avery Is the Most Hated Man in Hockey," while Bleacher Report has a roundup of the Ontario-born player's "dumbest" quotes. Oh, and the manager of the Red Wings once said Sean has a "lack of respect for the game."

pittsburgh penguins v new york rangers
Mike Stobe - Getty Images

Then there's the fact that Sean was suspended due to a comment he made about his fellow players dating his "sloppy seconds." Direct quote: "I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about. Enjoy the game..."

Sean Was Charged With "Criminal Mischief"

Sean apparently drove his scooter into a minivan blocking a bike lane and was charged as a result. As Gothamist put it in their headline on the subject: "NYC's Besieged Bike Lanes Needed A Hero. Instead, We Got Sean Avery."

His Relationship History Is Concerning

On top of dating Mary-Kate back in 2007, Sean has been linked to actor Elisha Cuthbert and model Rachel Hunter. He ended up marrying model Hilary Rhoda in 2015, but the couple divorced in 2022 and it was acrimonious, to say the least. According to both Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly, Hilary took out a restraining order against Sean that prevents him from coming into contact with her or their son amid abuse allegations.

He Was Randomly in Oppenheimer

Guess Sean and Christopher Nolan are friendly because not only was the hockey player in Oppenheimer (just a bit part), but he also made an appearance in Tenet.

He Has a Fashion Background

celebrity sightings in new york city may 9, 2016
Demis Maryannakis/Star Max - Getty Images

At this point, if you're wondering what Sean and Mary-Kate could possibly have in common, know that Sean has a background in fashion as well. He's worked as a Vogue intern, done some modeling here and there, and even dabbled in designing. So not exactly a shock that he and Mary-Kate connected. But...fans are not thrilled!

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