Knight Flower Ending Explained: Does Lee Hanee’s K-Drama Have a Happy or Sad Ending?

Lee Hanee, Lee Jong-Won
Lee Hanee, Lee Jong-Won (Photo Credit: MBC)
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Starring Lee Hanee as Cho Yeo-Hwa and Lee Jong-Won as Park Soo-Ho, Knight Flower has recently ended. The KBS K-drama revolves around a widow of 15 years living as a responsible daughter-in-law during the day and as a masked savior at night.

The final episode of Knight Flower begins with Lady Oh’s death at the royal court. Before dying, she tells Yeo-Hwa (Lee Hanee) that her missing brother has been dead for many years. Her father-in-law, aka Left State Minister Seok Ji-Sung, is the culprit.

Ji-Sung insults King Yi So since the latter fails to prove that the Left State Minister poisoned the former king. Later, Yi So, Yeo-Hwa, and Park Soo-Ho (Lee Jong-Won) join forces to expose Ji-Sung, giving viewers a satisfying ending.

Knight Flower episode 12 recap & spoilers: Lee Hanee exposes her father-in-law’s crimes at the royal court

Knight Flower episode 12 features Park Soo-Ho informing Yeo-Hwa that her father-in-law ordered Pil-Jik to kill her brother. Yeo-Hwa gets angry and wishes to seek revenge. She dons her masked attire and attacks Ji-Sung. A few seconds before she is about to reveal her face, Soo-Ho intervenes and stops her.

He tries to make her understand that killing Ji-Sung will not bring justice to her brother or Soo-Ho’s family. For context, the Left State Minister killed the former king, Yeo-Hwa’s brother, and Soo-Ho’s parents 15 years ago. While planning revenge on him, Yeo-Hwa finds two hidden letters in the sword that her late brother gave her.

One of the letters is addressed to her. The content mentions an apology and good wishes for her future. Another letter is addressed to King Yi So. Before Ji-Sung steals the letter, Yeo-Hwa meets the king and hands it to him. Earlier, Lady Oh’s death ruined Yi So’s plan to accuse Ji-Sung of the former king’s death. Yi So almost loses hope in seeking justice for his kingdom, but Yeo-Hwa’s brother’s letter brings hope. It is the last letter written by the former king, Yi So’s father, revealing the culprit’s name.

Unaware of Yeo-Hwa and King Yi So’s collaboration, Ji-Sung tries to challenge the throne. The king calls in all the ministers who witness Yeo-Hwa exposing her father-in-law’s crimes. She proves that Ji-Sung killed her brother. Soo-Ho appears at the court and reveals his real identity, exposing the murderer of his family. Lastly, the former king’s letter is shown in the court, proving that Ji-Sung also killed Yi So’s father.

With King Yi So’s orders, Ji-Sung is arrested and sentenced to brutal punishment. The king spares his family’s lives at Yeo-Hwa’s request.

Knight Flower ending: Did Lee Hanee & Lee Jong-Won end up together?

Apart from the politics and punishments, Knight Flower episode 12 also features the relationship between Yeo-Hwa and Park Soo-Ho. Although Yeo-Hwa’s husband, Seok Jeong, returns after 15 years, he learns she has feelings for someone else and is the masked savior.

While the married couple agrees to divorce each other, Yeo-Hwa’s friends are worried that society will not let her live peacefully. Thanks to Seok Jeong and his dramatic act in front of the king, their marriage is nullified. Soo-Ho runs after her, but she has left the village to live for herself. Soo-Ho respects her decision and waits for her.

The Knight Flower ending shows masked savior Yeo-Hwa has returned to save the people. She encounters Soo-Ho, who greets her with affection. They lock eyes as he holds her close and leans forward to kiss her. Overall, the K-drama has a happy ending for all characters. The final scene teases Yeo-Hwa and Soo-Ho ending up together as he says, “You can never leave my sight.”

Viewers can watch all 12 episodes of MBC K-drama Knight Flower on Wiki.

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