Kit Harington's emotional reaction to Jon Snow-Daenerys scene has 'Game of Thrones' fans bawling

Kylie Mar
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Game of Thrones may have ended, but what is dead may never die.

On Sunday night, HBO aired the Game of Thrones: The Last Watch documentary, which gave fans an inside look at the making of the final season, the talented and hard-working crew who made it all happen and the cast's initial reactions to discovering their beloved characters' fates.

During the table read, the cast cheered when they read about Arya Stark's major badass moment, killing the Night King.

Unfortunately for Conleth Hill, the actor had a tough time accepting his character Lord Varys's death, and was even seen tossing his script as Emilia Clarke sympathetically peered over at him, while Lena Headey and Gwendoline Christie comforted him. However, Varys wasn't the only death Clarke was heartbroken over. She was also sad about losing Ser Jorah Mormont. As were we, Emilia.

The most shocking death of the finale, however, was Daenerys Targaryen's at the hand of her lover … and nephew.

It was clear that Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, was reading the script for the very first time at the table read, as his jaw dropped and his entire face turned red. An emotional Harington gasped as he brought his hands to his face. He looked over at Clarke, who nodded back, confirming that what he was reading was in fact happening.

That moment from the doc had Twitter sobbing all over again.

The moment was a visual representation of how most of us felt when that scene went down and, honestly, I'm still recovering. Overall, the documentary was awesome and totally worth a night's watch!

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch aired Sunday on HBO.

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